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    Who is/was Metallica's best bass guitarist?

    My first post on head-fi in a few months to say this: AFter watching the St.Anger dvd and various Metallica interviews, Lars is a big as$hole/*********.
  2. judas391 pro for $120.00

    lol ^ your sig rocks
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    Vancouver, BC - anybody out here?

    16 years old a 325i, ipod classic, and am still deciding on a tube amp (using vintage receiver atm)
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    Bose + Apple

    nice sig, jinx
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    Which Grado's are a "must-have"?

    i think skip the sr80s. they will leave much to be desired (my case)
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    Got duped by fraudulent ebay seller!

    i'm really sorry about that, was that the money from the interconnect sale? hope it works out for you
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    Am I losing out on something without an amp?

    you're never going to miss something you n ever had. i say save your money and just be content
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    vintage receiver shopping on craigslist any feedback on which of these would be a good deal? thanks in advance, +karma to all who respond! (trying to find something that would have a good headphone out to synergize with a 325i)
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    Gamer looking for a headset

    Bose QC2
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    Couple of EMU 0404 USB questions.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Scottyyy Well all I have now is computer's USB > EMU 0404 > Denon D2000's. There was no sibilance with my AD700's, but I much prefer the sound of the Denon's. I was hoping I wouldn't have to spend more money to fix this.If the EMU 0404 isn't helping...
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    Speaker Setup with Notebook

    emu is more expensive. get the m audio if all you want to do is listen to music
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    shipping from US to canada

    If it's via usps, you can at least hope for no taxes (zero money!). If through fedex or UPS, chances are you'll get laid with some fees.
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    so I have been introduced to grado sr60s... what now?

    save the money spent on cmoy for a better amp.. i've heard that the 0404 amp is adequate for low impedance phhones
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    One giant leap for grado = SR-60 to RS-1

    what music do you listen to?
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    shipping from US to canada

    Xpress Mail International takes forever.. I've been waiting nearly 2 weeks for an SR325i.