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    HD650s sound bright -- am I nuts?

    The HD650 is certainly not a bright headphone. It is well known that they have a comparably darker sound than a lot of other high end headphones. On the graphs, there is also a clearly visible dip in the frequencey respone around 4 kHz which is the opposite of what is expected by a bright...
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    Eddie Current Zana Deux owners

    Well I think the waiting and delays on a product like this is to be expected. After all, it is not as if Craig can just walk in to any random electronics store and get the spare parts, as many of the parts in this amp are not exactly standard parts. If he is out of some, then so be it. Hopefully...
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    Eddie Current Zana Deux owners

    How is it going for the rest of you international buyers? I just love this. Apparantly my amp (which I confirmed my order for in mid/late April) won't be shipped until August due to a lack of 230V transformers for the power supply. Unless these transformers just vaporized, couldn't I have heard...
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    Has the R10 lost FOTM status?

    Flavour of the month
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    Headphones with the PX100's exact sound

    The RS1/PX100 graphs are certainly among the most bizarre things on headrooms site. Given the graphs, they should definitely have a similar sound yet they sound nothing alike in my opinion. Another good example is the DT880/K501 graphs which indicate that they should have a similar mid bass. In...
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    need a bassy closed headphone

    The DT770 is a good choice if bass is what you really want. If you can't find them anywhere else: Add 8 euro for shipping and they are yours for 152 Euro well within the budget.
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    Anybody try this Grado tweak?

    Quote: To which Grado headphones' models is it applicable? LIBERATOR Soundstage Improvers fit perfectly to all popular Grado headphone models, i.e. SR60, SR80, SR125, SR225, SR325, RS-1 and RS-2. Its black color harmonizes well with lower as well higher "Prestige" models. Its black...
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    Jays q-JAYS, First look, Production level !!

    On the european price issue: It seems that quite a few swedish online retailers have listed them. The price then seems to be around 1450 SEK, a decrase fairly consistent with the prices of the existing Jays models, which translates into...
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    Shure E5C technical question - can you help ?

    The impedance measurements are, if I remember this correctly, done at a single standardised frequency. The E5's impedance varies a lot depedning on the frequency, which makes the listed impedance somewhat misleading.
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    AKG K501 love...

    The only thing preventing the K501 from being a really good all round rock can is a severe lack of bass slam. Notice though that it certainly has bass punch. It handles electric guitars very well, almost as well as my SR225s and has a good soundstage (that is large but still feels intimate with...
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    AKG K501 ear cups/pads/cusions LOOSE

    The pads might seem to be in place when you put them on again, even if they are not. It is quite easy to get them to a position where they feel to be locked in place, but in fact you need to push them a bit further. It feel a bit as if the pads jump into place when you increase the pressure, and...
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    Headphone or girl? This is the ultimate test...

    In spite of the clothes, the human female in the picture was the obvious answer. I did think of the IEMs a little, but it hardly required much attention. But seriously, pink clothes? Why? I might even prefer the way some weird subcultures dress to this overly girlish abomination that is pink...
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    Koss "The Plug"... any good?

    I find them to be worthless, but that might be caused by the fact that I happen to both have quite small ear canals, which means that there is no chance ever for me to get them to actually be in the ear canals, they rather rest on in the very entrance, and like some decent treble energy. The...
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    So, what type of person are you? (Meyers Briggs test)

    This is not a myers briggs test but a socionics test. Hence the results can not be directly compared. Often though, the J/P scale is switched for introverts, but NOT necessarily so. This is...
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    Have Beyer improved the drivers on the new DT990/880s? Is there a definitive answer?

    As people have said that the differences on the DT880 has been farily minor, they might very well use the same drivers but with tweaked enclosures. The DT990 on the other hand most definitely changed drivers as the reported differences between the new one and the old one has been much more...