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    Recommendations for compact DSD256 2.1 integrated amp

    For those on the same journey, mine led me to the Pro-Ject MaiA DS2.
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    CEntrance DACmini DAC/Amplifier Official Thread

    That's what I suspected, just wondering if anyone has gone the USB hub route with any success.
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    CEntrance DACmini DAC/Amplifier Official Thread

    I've been skimming this thread for the past few days and quite a number of people have the same issue of the input selector freezing under various circumstances but all related to the USB connection.   For me, mine freezes when my PC goes into sleep mode.   I spoke to Michael Goodman and he...
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    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    Quote: Nope. Aktimate Mini's.
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    Jamo In40i

    Quote:   Such as?
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    Fake cx680i? (non-stock photos) What do you guys reckon?   
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    CEntrance DACmini DAC/Amplifier Official Thread

    Wonder how the Dacmini PX fares against the LA-200 and Decco2. Do you guys think the premium in price is worth it?  
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    REVIEW: PSB Imagine mini Speakers

    I was hoping for some recommendations, like the CEntrance DACmini PX, except cheaper :p  
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    AV Guide review of the new Mini Maggies

    What would be an ideal dac/amp that would do justice to these speakers?
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    Creative Labs Aurvana 3 Dual Driver IEM Giveaways & Discounts - A new favorite of ours!

    I've had a few SB cards, the last one being the X-Fi Xtrememusic, and currently own a pair of GigaWorks T40's :) 
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    [REVIEW] Sunrise Xcape Impressive Edition

    I'd be keen to know when these will be available to the masses