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    The Skullcandy Appreciation Thread

    *Gets the ball rolling* I bought my Sc Ink'd Buds after I bought my first decent headphones, the aforementioned UE 5 Pros. I love them, they work perfectly for school, I don't need to worry about losing or breaking them and the sound is sufficient for what I payed. They do exactly...
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    SRH440 vs ATH-M50s = ?

    A lot of the replies you get here will be the same ones repeated a million times before. Just use the search tool and sort the threads so the most recent appear at the top. You will get a much more diverse view much quicker Hope that helps ya, J
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    The Skullcandy Appreciation Thread

    Irony: Skullcandy Ink'd buds (the buds themselves) fit better than any of my UE 5 Pro buds, so I just attached the Sc ones to my UEs lol.
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    The Inherent Value of Burn-In

    Then what phenomenon did I experience when the painful silibance disappeared in my IEMs after leaving them to break in? I can't accept that there is no difference.... Surely some 5 Pro owners can back me up here... :/
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    Bose TriPorts

    Aren't the OE's very uncomfortable? I haven't heard any good things...
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    Bose TriPorts

    My little town has less than 90k people, yet we still have two Bose shops lol... I'll probably take my UE Sf5p's and my iPod down to one of them and see if I can demo a pair. That way I can compare detail and get a sense of the comfort. The euphony had better be good if I'm going to buy them. If...
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    Bose TriPorts

    How much value should I hold in this quote from shellylh? Quote: ...the 440's just sounded like a cheap can. The Shure guys had me try the 440's with the 840 pads and they sounded like a cheap can with more bass, not good. I wouldn't even consider buying the 440's at this point but I am...
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    Bose TriPorts

    Interesting, thanks for doing that research, Ham. Do you know how these and even the SRH440 would compare to the Bose AE?
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    Bose TriPorts

    Quote: Originally Posted by ear8dmg Interesting to read the Triport review. I've noticed that I've been impressed with the SQ of Bose PA systems at a number of small gigs I've been to recently. If they can do a good PA sytem, why should headphones be any different? Never heard Bose...
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    Modding the Xonar Essence STX into a Essence ST?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jalyst Yeah I'm just resigned to having to import the ST from overseas... Patience is a virtue, I think it will pay off
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    Sound quality differences - iTunes 9

    I find that if I even touch the iTunes EQ, it screws the sound up something awful...
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    Bose TriPorts

    Sorry to dust this off but I thought this would be a good place to raise the following question: Assuming all of the cheaper BOSE equivalents were the same price or more, would you still not buy BOSE? I'm asking because importing Audio Technica/Beyer/Denon/some other good equivalents will be...
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    Looking for ~$100 USB soundcard w/ quality comparable to Xonar DX

    I think the USB-load point might be an issue. Other than that though, on my Intel Atom powered Aspire One, I can run iTunes 9, firefox with tabs and Photoshop CS3 (don't want to mission with updating 11.1 CS4 on the netbook lol) running in the background with pretty much no problem The iTunes...
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    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    Wanted to find some pics of my PC before I un-modded it. I used to be heavily into lanning and gaming etc. Got tired of the bright lights eventually and down-scaled. This is from two years ago, so the specs are a bit dated. Sorry about the poor pics, these were all I could find :P Specs: 2x...
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    Symphones Magnum upgrade for Grado SR325 and Alessandro MS2

    The build quality on these things looks freaking amazing... I'd love to see a competent comparison. PS Also, their site and copy are both very slick.