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    Best Solid State Headphone Amp on a budget of around 500?

    Nope, this is only for headphone use. There's a version for powered monitors.    In this case, you need a unit dedicated to power speakers. 
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    Size of music library

    I'm organizing my library after upgrading my HDD. Currently have 800 albums in Mp3 320 and 300 on FLAC
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    Please help an overwhelmed noob

      Even better than the newest version of it (the 400i) in my opinion. You're good to go. :)
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    Headphones Under 300$

    How about staying with Beyer and get the DT770 pro 80?
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    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    Pompeii 7/10 If you love drama and history it will suit you. Cool 3D effects and good acting..but i was expecting more. 
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    anyone try the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro?

    Only with music unfortunately. They were at a friend house and spent some time with the portable rig listening music (setting 3). Overall a good experience.    May need to try them for a weekend on games and report back. 
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    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    And i still have the FX6300 
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    Replacement Sennheiser HD-265 Band?

    What about this?
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    Rate the video games you're currently playing

    Playing- Titan quest: Immortal throne. 9/10 Seven years ago i played the prequel and it was very addictive! 
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    Please help an overwhelmed noob

    The HE400 deliver some good bass, they will work nicely with your O2 combo. 
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    Best Solid State Headphone Amp on a budget of around 500?

    Welcome to head-fi!    My personal recommendation:  The Soloist SL. Suited for low/high impedance headphones, is able to power your Sennhs and AKg with ease. Does a fine job with some planars as well. If on the US it can be found for $550-600. 
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    What's the loudest Bluetooth and wired speaker you can take to the shower?

      It's a 5W speaker, unless there's a new 10W version? :D
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    Headphones in the uk about £100 ish

      It depends on the headphone sensitivity. The more sensitive the easier to drive.  For this model, a few guys recommend some extra power.    You mentioned the uses, but not your music genres. Please give us more info.