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    IC: Graham Slee Solo (2007 Green Edition)

    I live in the Northeast USA, and I am asking for $425, which includes free shipping.  I will cover PayPal fees, if applicable.   (I've edited the original post to include the requested information.)
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    Driving balanced headphone using DA11 or DAC1 balanced out

    My recommendation would be to use the headphone out. Later you can get a balanced amp and balanced cable. The balanced out on these DAC's are not designed to drive headphones, and I personally think the headphone out on my Dac-1 is better than using the XLR outs directly.
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    Review: Kingrex Headquarters HQ-01 Audio Amplifier Review (Kingrex HQ-1)

    Great! That's super nice of you mrarroyo.
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    Review: Kingrex Headquarters HQ-01 Audio Amplifier Review (Kingrex HQ-1)

    Thanks guys! I really appreciate the positive feedback. Quote: Skylab: Just one question from me - was the unit you reviewed the same one I reviewed, or was the one you reviewed updated in any way? This is a simple question with a somewhat complicated answer. Officially, only the...
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    Review: Kingrex Headquarters HQ-01 Audio Amplifier Review (Kingrex HQ-1)

    The Kingrex Headquarters HQ-01 is a headphone amplifier unit that retails for about $895. It is single ended, solid state, and two case design. I have listened extensively to a review sample for the past three or so months. In my opinion, the unit compares well to the Graham Slee Solo and is...
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    How good is Benchmarks dac1 headphone amplifier?

    The Dac-1 headamp is definitely good enough to use on its own, but you can also improve upon it with the stand alone amps. I would try the internal amp first, then upgrade later if you want to.
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    Weaknesses of the JH13?

    I don't know if this is on-topic or off-topic, but I am considering purchasing the JH-13. My number one concern is the insertion/removal process. I currently own the Ety-4S, which are universal iem's, and there is a bit of discomfort in putting them and taking them out. Plus, I find that when I...
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    Most disappointing headphone purchase

    The most disappointing headphone purchase is the one not made.
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    HeadAmp Pico Portable Amp (w/ optional upsampling 24/96 USB DAC) Pre-Order Thread

    Please put me down for a bronze pico with DAC and 6 ft USB cord.
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    $1 Million Cable Challenge Is On

    I have to agree with earwicker's sentiment that many people who claim to be proponents of the scientific method really aren't very scientific in their reasoning. A common mistake is to take the word of a scientist, thinking that amounts to the scientific method! But, actually, there's a...
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    Pie-in-the-sky, if you could have anything, product suggestion thread.

    This is already been suggested, but I'd kill for an all-in-one DAP with the quality of a micro-stack, that supports a lossless codec like FLAC. The current solution of a DVD player + desktop portable/micro stack is hardly portable, and a more portable DAP + amp, which is still a kludge, has...
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    HeadRoom SS amps?

    Quote: Originally Posted by mkozlows I think the real lesson of this thread is that many people have no taste at all, when it comes to design. The old Headroom stuff is hideous and amateurish, and that gaudy Singlepower picture from earlier in the thread makes me avert my eyes. The...
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    upgrading dac-1 amp...

    I haven't bought an amp yet - still using (and enjoying) the internal amp on the dac-1. I've pretty much decided on the nx-33 -- I am just waiting to make sure this is the amp that I really want, and that I really think any amp is worth this amount of money. Interestingly enough, considering...
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    Can you solve this riddle?

    45 pennies, 1 quarter, 2 dimes, 2 nickels.