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    Official "what song/cd/album/etc.. will you listen to first with your new HD800's?"

    Quote: Originally Posted by Maxvla Cause we needed an "official" thread for this subject... haha, I was thinking the same.
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    [Help: Boom-Box] Building from scratch

    No DIY ghetto blaster is complete without a car stereo mounted on the front of it! Good luck with your build.
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    Heco Speakers

    Quote: Originally Posted by Nocturnal310 are there better speakers out there? Did you really just ask that question?
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    If you like any form of rock, you need to hear Oceansize

    Sounds interesting, might see if I can find them locally. Any vinyl releases?
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    Grails - The Burden of Hope
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    Christmas Sale @ Head-Direct

    Quote: Originally Posted by LeonWho Yeah, that's what I thought at first. But proportionally compared to the RE2 and RE1 sale prices, the RE0 should be at $159. However, since it's such a new and well acclaimed product, Head-Direct may not discount it that much. But, since Head-Direct...
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    just got the new apple in ear earbuds

    I didn't really expect much from them.
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    This is why I can't have a turntable

    Maybe you could put the lid down? That also works to stop cats from falling in the toilet!
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    A/V stand/rack suggestions

    Coem Audio sell a version of the spider racks which are very affordable. I'm sure if you look around you'd be able to find local retailers as well.
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    The 'krmathis' β22 and σ22 Group Build Edition

    Good to see the wait is finally over and it has arrived safely. I hope you get much pleasure out of using it, and sharing it with friends.
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    HDMI Cables for HD Box

    What's your budget Nocturnal310? Do you want cheap, or do you want to spend heaps? What about those cheap ones that Oppo sell... anyone got experience with them?
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    FS: Rega P3-24 w/ Ortofon 2M Bronze **Photos Added**

    Hi guys, it's time for an upgrade so I'm selling my turntable. It's a Rega P3-24 in excellent, almost 'as new' condition, which is currently fitted with an Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridge in similar condition. Both items were purchased new approximately 12 months ago from a local dealer, and...
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    Disturbing iphone application.

    Dons tinfoil hat. Wraps iPhone too.
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    Rockhopper Mini^3

    Mine is orange (and black):
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    Let's build Krmathis a Beta22!

    I've been away for the last few months... it's good to come back and see that this project has run so well. Great job everyone! Krmathis, I admire your patience!