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    NEW Schiit Lyr 2: Impressions

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on one of these Lyr 2's... however I'm worried that a 3 is around the corner? Should I hold off? I haven't really seen any information regarding any of the upcoming Schiit lineups.   Thanks
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    Titanic film composer James Horner passed away during plane crash.

    Just saw the news this morning.
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    Your 5 newest CDs (or LPs)

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    An audiophile and petrolhead's journal: Buckle up!

    You are in the clear my friend. I take that as 100% permission.   .... and while you are at it. Get those T1's
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    Help for newbie - first pair of serious cans.. Is there something wrong with my ears? :-)

    Quote: Plugging my Pro 750's into an MP3 player, they get at a decent level of volume. But the clarity isn't quite up to par... and the bass seems a bit muddy to me. Amp certainly does tighten that all up.   Also, these headphones work surprisingly well if pairing with a receiver/...
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    We have a breakthrough at Best Buy!

    As an employee at Best Buy... I must say you do get a pretty darn good discount on some of the home audio equipment, and of course.... the headphones
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    Matrix Mini-i Balanced DAC+HP amp

    Quote:   I seem to get mixed opinions with the Ultrasones as well... My Beyers are 250ohm... I should be covered one would think.   Thanks!    
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    Matrix Mini-i Balanced DAC+HP amp

    Palchiu,   Where could I get some cords like this?   I seem to be making this more difficult than it really is... Should be a simple setup to my Marantz or my PC, whichever I prefer!   Thanks again!
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    CD player?

    I'm not really looking for a difference. Initially.. I'm just hesitate of buying a CD player, in regards to it underpowering my headphones... whether it will or will not?   Been checking into the Yamaha. At the present time, still leaning towards the Marantz.
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    CD player?

    ..All.. CD players.. sound the same... quality wise?   I'll have to look into the Yamaha player, but thus fur I'm seeing it at least $100 cheaper than that of the Marantz.
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    CD player?

    That is what I'm leaning towards... but would like to get a little bit of consensus, advice..   Do you run your headphones out of the Onkyo? If so, which ones.. sound quality?   I've always heard great things about the Onkyo's as well.   Thanks!
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    CD player?

    When it comes to the stand alone CD player, and DAC/AMP, discussion.. I'm in the same boat, I'm just not entirely sure which direction to head. I'm currently looking at a Marantz CD5004, as it appears to be a pretty good machine? And besides.. I'm getting a killer deal on a new one (Around the...
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    D4 'Mamba' DAC - Issues

    I find that to be an interesting move on their part. To me, they're essentially telling us that the other capacitors had some sort of issue with the board/amp itself... does it not?   This really wants me to push for them to cover the shipping charge on my unit... but I'm sure I'll have...
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    D4 'Mamba' DAC - Issues

    As noted, this does seem to be some fault of the design.... So.. it does seem unreasonable that this isn't taken care of, even outside of the manufactures expense. I've had a buddy of mine come forward and specified that he as well, had an issues with a USB connection on his iBasso (mind you now...
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    Opinions on five finger death punch

    Well... Just because our Omaha area was mentioned.   Go ahead and try Venaculas, John. Very underrated band that didn't quite make it out of the Omaha area much... which is a crying shame.