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    Grado PS500s (new Grado's)

    yeah, i think it is the cable material that makes the only difference in sound.
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    Sennheiser IE7 Appreciation Thread ~~~

    I use mine especially when i want to listen to some dubstep.  great bass response that my other phones just dont have.
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    Sennheiser IE7 Appreciation Thread ~~~

    I have tried the um3x and did not care for the signature.  I had the ie7 a while back but sold them.  I just picked up another pair off ebay for a pretty good price.  Almost brand new.  I really enjoy the foamie tips that come with it.
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    Just saw the vamp on amazon and the price is now 200$. So if any one wants it for less now is your chance. Amazon electronics overstock deals.
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    I am a new westone 4R owner need help on comply/shure tips.

    I wanted to add a suggestion.  With my westone 4 and most of my other thin nozzle iems, i use the core from the shure olives.  I leave just a tiny bit of foam on and just about every larger diameter tip will fit.  I use the monster regular round rubber tips most often.  Good isolation, no deep...