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    A very interesting presentation at AES

    Great vid! Loved the anecdote about his sighted fake A/B test :)
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    Worst recorded/Mastered Albums

    Try anything by the Go! team for intentionally bad SQ. This is one of the better quality tracks they have on a side note: It's interesting to listen to the original version of Raw Power from (Iggy Pop &) The Stooges. I recall reading that they were going for a deliberately bad sound...
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    Need recommendation for a LOW sensitivity can in the $100 range

    You might want to check if you can adjust the gain on the dac with a jumper or something, a lot of equipment has this.
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    Does the fall of music ever depress you? It does me.

    Quote: Originally Posted by gbacic Music now is better than it has ever been. It's just not mainstream. I agree, I really enjoy recent artists like Sufjan Stephens or Joanna Newsom. hiphopscribe's list is also sweet. As for rap or hiphop, artists like Scroobius Pip and...
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    I haven't been here in three years...

    Hey I came back here this year and last time I posted before that was 2007, its been 3 years 2 months and 28 days.
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    Building a Headphone Measurement Lab

    True, I realized that when I was driving around today. Thanks for the answer!
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    So i finally received my HiVi Swan D1080MKII 08 Actives

    I've been looking into DIYing a pair of speakers with HiVi drivers. Happy to hear these are nice.
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    Building a Headphone Measurement Lab

    Tyll, maybe this has been discussed before, but have you thought of normalizing based on these curves? As far as I understand it, now you are compensating for the ear canals FR, but the psychoacoutics are important too.
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    Look Ma! I can slow down time!

    Quote: Originally Posted by GWorlDofSPACE Imagine how it would be to hear or taste every note? I hear that a certain Albert Hofmann can help you with that.
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    Unequal Ears!

    Quote: Originally Posted by terriblepaulz My hearing predominance changes from time to time, usually in conjunction with some sort of sinus/allergy issue. Taking Loratadine at certain times of year is the most effective tweak I have found for my system. quoted for lols if you...
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    Question about FR graphs

    I think he was referring to the curves found on this page... edit : well **** me these are basically the inverse of what you linked in, meh. edit#3: and now this ^ makes no sense as you edited too... ah well edit #2: this has interested me as well, it would be interesting to have FR...
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    Am I the only one who loooooves looking at Spectrographs (FFT)?

    I totally love looking at my music while listening. Am I alone with this? Should I be concerned? pic related Uploaded with
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    Testing audiophile claims and myths

    Nice summary. I recall the debate about the headfi cable test, I'm happy it happened in the end. If we ever have a big euro meet I will try to assemble a Blind testing stand (not so sure about double blind as I will swap the stuff, but I am planning not to interact with the subject in any way)...
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    Trust Your Ears...

    Whoa, a shuffle? What levels do you listen at?