Sennheiser HE-1
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Jul 9, 2004
I had the chance to shoot an introductory event with the HE-1 a while ago and I begged for some time to have a bit of a product shot. It's been a while since this happened, kind of forgot I used to post here so hence the delay. Anyway, I present some clean fun headphone pr0n:

I got some time to listen to the HE-1 as well and I was properly blown away. Listened to a Joanna Newsom album and it was incredibly touching. Thank god they are as expensive as they are, because if they cost 1/10th the price, I would be obsessing over them and scheming to save up the money, but this way I can just laugh it off.
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Jun 17, 2019
Hey, I too got lucky to try out the HE 1 at Sennheiser India office in Gurgaon. The people at Sennheiser were warm enough to host a small audiophile meetup where they showcased a great range of headphones. HD600 series, HD800s, HD820, desktop amps, and many other pieces of equipment. We took our portable and desktop setups as well.
Everyone was blown away by the HE 1. What a magical thing! Never ever had I imagined some audio setup to be this fascinating. The way it switches on - illuminating tubes coming out, the lid opening up on its own, too magnificent to put in words. It was a great pleasure listening to it. The whole setup is very costly. It has to do more with the aesthetic pleasure rather than just listening pleasure. Something so costly must make the owners happy in every aspect. When I auditioned it in a closed silent room with dim lights, it seemed like I was teleported to some other world. The sound is definitely great. I can't even dare to complain. The sound is so full of life. It has a very balanced output. The bass is quite controlled, the soundstage is great. I tried songs handpicked by Senn and also some of the songs which I carried with me. Every song sounded so full, so overwhelming. The vocals sound so amazing that you just want to listen more and more.

If someone gets a chance, this setup should definitely be tried.


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