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    Review by 'DwightLooi' on item 'FiiO E17'

    For $125~150 depending on where you buy it from, the E17 is an unbeatable value. Solid Wolfson WM8740 DAC, decent enough Amp. The WM8741 would have been a slightly better chip, but it needs 5V and 3.3V supplies concurrently to operate so you are not going to find it in a battery operated...
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    XBA-4 -- $350 Verdict

    Oh I did that... I tried 16 Khz at -30 dB, 8kHz at -20 dB and 4 kHz at -10 dB. That's pretty darn drastic and the maximum I can do with an EQ on the PC. It is still annoyingly hissy with that. Besides, a full adjustable equalizer is not always available -- you don't hve that on the iPod nano...
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    XBA-4 -- $350 Verdict

    OK, I plucked down $290 for a pair of XBA-4SL (Japanese version with 0.4m short chord w/ straight mini-plug + 0.9 m extension). I got the Japanese version because of the short cord length which works better for me. Unfortunately, I found it unlistenable.   First, let me be fair to the XBA-4...
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    Sony DBB

    DBB = Dynamic Bass Boost First introduced into portables on Sony's WM-501 Walkman (circa 1987). At that time Sony's also introduced a series of earbuds with the so-called "twin-turbo acoustic circuitry" with model numbers 414, 424, 444, 454 (which came with the WM-501) and 464 (with amorphous...
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    How Long Can a Headphone Last (before being obsolete)?

    I think for headphones and earphones, obsolescence is not the biggest worry. The biggest worry is that sometimes the manufacturer will discountinue a great product and substitute an inferior one. This is sometimes also true with speakers. For example, my favourite bud is the discontinued Sony...
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    The best portables you ever owned...

    Just wondering what you guys think are the best portable players new or old. For me its as follows:- Sony Walkman WM-501 : Hey its small, well built and its my first decent portable cassette player. Used it with MDR-E464 buds. (1987) Sony Walkman WM-701C : My second Walkman, its...
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    Any take on Apple's new In-Ear Headphones?

    I just came across the fact that Apple has a new In-Ear Headphone available while reading up on the new iPod Mini. It is apparently a canal phone and like everything from Apple it looks nice. Now I must say that Apple's Earbud sounded really...
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    New! Sony MDR-EX71SL any takes??

    Has anyone had the opportunity to try a pair of Sony's new EX71SL intra canal bud phones?
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    Sony MDR-EX70LP or MDR-E888?

    Quote: Can you imagine Etymotic "Street Style" headphones?!?! Keep the company doing what it's doing... maybe throwing a bit more money at their efforts to improve the sound of the ER4 series AND do something about the cable microphonics would be nice. But MAN are they good sounding...
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    Sony MDR-EX70LP or MDR-E888?

    Thank you all for bringing to attention Etymotics. By all user accounts they appear to be the earphones to get. I'll be looking to find a way to try out a pair; no local dealers so I'll have to find some means to try a pair before buying. On a side note I think Etymotics will be doing...
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    Sony MDR-EX70LP or MDR-E888?

    I am trying to decide between the Sony MDR-E888 and the MDR-EX70LP earphones. Price doesn't concern me; I willing willing pay US$300 for a set of earbuds if they make them and they sound great. The problem is that I cannot seem to find a store in the US where I can actually try them! I can buy...
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