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    EMU1212M Toslink out?

    Hello all After reading the specifications for the 1212M, I'm still a bit confused on its outputs. The specs say that it has ADAT in and out switchable to S/PDIF. I just like to be 100% certain that it has toslink out, as I want to use it with a Piccolo DAC. Cheers
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    Where are the Sony CD3000 made?

    I searched and searched and searched! But alas the answer to my question could not be found Where are the Sony CD3000 made? I am guessing they are made in Japan?
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    META 42 No Sound

    I fixed it! I stuffed around for about hours checking the board at various points. Checking the left channel at various points. Then I found what was wrong - the left input resistor had fallen out of the IC socket I had put it in (apparently not well enough). With it replaced the whole...
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    META 42 No Sound

    Thanks fiddler. Well I have checked it with the dmm and I can't find where it's touching ground. Could it be anything else?
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    META 42 No Sound

    Ok I checked all the wiring and found I had put the inputs to the output pads on the board and the output to the input pads! All around wrong way - so I have now changed them to correct orientation. Now I have sound but only in right channel - left channel is silent. So I thought maybe my...
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    META 42 No Sound

    Hmm inverted power supply - I am sure it was not inverted but I will check it again just to make sure. Thanks for the tip
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    META 42 No Sound

    I built a Meta42 a while ago using 2xAD845 ICs running on 2 x 9V batteries (about 4 hours juice then dead). So I recently built a dual rail +-15V power supply. I connected removed the TLE2426 and the EL2001 in the Meta power supply. I then connected 0V from my PS to the ground on the Meta board...
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    Snufkin please read!

    G'day I tried sending you a pm but didn't work. I contacted Beyerdynamic and they said the dist in aus was Synchro Tech Systems Design, so I emailed them but they don't respond. Could you give me contact details of a store who sells them? (DT770) Cheers
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