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    What Headphones Are You Using Right Now?

    Custom recabled Grado SR80
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    How do you convince your wife...

    Quote: Originally Posted by necropimp my solution... i have no wife That's a bit of a sad solution.. Why do you need to give a reason? Some people put their money in cars, others in minature railways and that list of hobbies goes on. It's a hobby. That should be a good...
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    The Opamp thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by leeperry @Bonthouse: ok cool, I'll do that! by email? I went at them like crazy! Email, phone and even snailmail!
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    The Opamp thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by leeperry where did you get them? what price? I contacted Analog in The Netherlands and requested some sample opamps. They sent me two (I asked for six total) and I didn't have to pay a thing Try to contact AD in your country for some samples that...
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    Focal Grande Utopia EM

    Quote: Originally Posted by milkpowder And they'd tell you the reason for MDF is because they are less susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity. Believe me I've asked, but don't believe what I tell you. That's exactly the reason. MDF is reliable, natural wood isn't...
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    What Came In The Mail Today?

    Two AD7497ARZ test samples that are now residing in my Corda Move I'm soooooooo jealous of you, Headphile808 Such a nice deal.. Enjoy 'em!
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    The Opamp thread

    Hmm, ah well, I soldered the AD797ARZ's in my Corda Meier Move just now and they make the Grado SR80 sound amazing!
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    The Opamp thread

    Quick question guys, has anyone noticed a difference between the AD797ARZ and the AD797BRZ? I requested BRZ's, but got ARZ's..
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    ALO modded ATH headphones

    Quote: Originally Posted by KB It took a long time for people to catch that, its no mistake! Rock on!! I think I have a few left. Ken Holy cr@p. If only I had the money..
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    Grado earpads query

    Grab some HD414 pads, cut a hole in them and put them on reverse. Sounds great!
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    headphone stands?

    No idea, but why not DIY one? The cost will be based upon the wood you use.. I went with expensive wood. This is how I made mine, using Wenge wood
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    Sennheiser IE7 portable? Vents safe?

    Please don't start multiple threats on the same subject..
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    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    Huh? A double post with just short of 2 hours in between? Server.. what has happened to you?!
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    What is the "Grado" sound?

    Quote: Originally Posted by sochee Because people told me, "Grados are not for rock, they are for classical music". What the f.. Grado's are for rock! Grado is in your face, with all the energy you can muster! Tight soundstage, focus on mids and highs and pretty fast sounding...