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    I have a few - Buck 309, Buck 305, Buck 505, Kershaw Cryo, Ganzo G7211, Sanrenmu 6011, and old pearl Imperial from the 1940s that I got from my father. I also have a Ganzo G7511 and a little Dacoria flipper coming from Fasttech.
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    I just purchased a pair of Westone UM2RC from Sweetwater for $180 w/ free shipping on their Cyber Monday deal. The UM2 is an oldie but a goodie: This will be my 3rd pair of UM2 and (I think) my 6th pair of Westone IEMs. :)
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    Guitar-fi anyone?

    Yes, they are very cheap - they often go on sale for less than even the cheapest Squier. However, I'm concerned it is like the FOTM Chinese IEMs - lots of people claiming they are the equivalent of brands costing 3X, 4X or more - but these claims are often made by folks that have never actually...
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    Guitar-fi anyone?

    What about the Monoprice strat clone? From comments around the web, set-up seems to be hit or miss. Has anyone bought one?
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    Guitar-fi anyone?

    Thanks to all! I'm still looking for the right local store - I'm guessing Guitar Center is probably not where I want to be looking for really good help in getting the guitar. I went into a couple of other local places and neither of them seemed to have what I'm looking for. One was very small...
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    Guitar-fi anyone?

    Gurus of guitar-fi, I am an old (50+) life-long admirer of anyone with the skill to play a musical instrument. I am also completely incapable of playing air guitar, let alone an actual instrument. I wish to change this. I want to teach myself to play the electric guitar. I have absolutely zero...
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    An audiophile and petrolhead's journal: Buckle up!

    Am I wrong in putting Alfa sedans in the same general category as Renault, Peugeot & Saab? All of those just seem to always be in the quirky column - interesting to look at, but I wouldn't actually buy one over a BMW, Mercedes or Lexus. Of course, in the USA, good luck getting parts & service.
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    College! (Tips, Discussion, Ideas)

    Most colleges have a "welcome week" where freshmen move into the dorms prior to the start of classes. Are you participating in something like that? That's a great way to get to know your roommates and to make friends with others in your dorm. My advice is that during that first week, when you...
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    The MMA thread (Affliction, UFC, DREAM, Strikeforce, etc.)

    When they try to dress her/him up in girly clothes, it just makes it worse. Why do people do that to themselves? No amount of money or fame is worth filling your body with so many chemicals that you begin to change genders. The transformation is really disturbing. It doesn't even look like the...
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    The MMA thread (Affliction, UFC, DREAM, Strikeforce, etc.) Good grief - queue the Herman Munster laugh...
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    How long do you think a headphone would last?

    I have a pair of Sennheiser headphones that I bought new in 1980. I have replaced the foam in the pads a couple of times. They still sound great. These are entirely plastic headphones. The time a headphone lasts depends on both the build quality and how you care for them.
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    Ignore crazy strangers

    I used to work at a downtown building. At lunch, we would walk to the many restaurants within a 5 block radius. That area had quite a few resident street people that we would see almost every day. After a while, we started making up names for them: 1) "Stinky" - this dude simply reeked! It was...
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    How Can I Trust Head-Fi Reviews?

    I think you are confusing a community full of shills with a community that has a strong working relationship with manufacturers. To see the difference, you need to attend a big head-fi meet, like a CanJam. Community members & manufacturers freely flow from one side of the table to the other. I'm...
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    What book are you reading right now?

    Just finished John Ringo, Into the Looking Glass - a very fun read - with an excellent combination of cutting edge particle physics, space monsters, modern mil-tech and sardonic comedy. The basic moral of the story: Man is a curious monkey and that is both our greatest fault and our greatest...
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    What has happend to this hobby?

    I live vicariously through everyone else. So, for my sake, please buy more!! :p