Anyone have a Leesa mattress?

  1. billybob_jcv
    I need a new mattress and I'm thinking about going for one of the online brands: Leesa, Brooklyn Bedding, Casper, Helix, etc. I currently have a 12 year-old latex mattress that is sagging badly. I like the feel of latex and I really dislike the slow-response memory foam mattresses. I want a medium to medium-firm mattress that is cool and supportive without it trapping me in quicksand. Anyone have a Leesa or one of the similar mattresses?
  2. moulenoise
    I've had a Leesa King size for two years now and both my wife and eye like it a lot.

    We were specifically very concerned about overheating because we live in New Orleans, but we both find it's actually cooler than the pillow top it replaced.
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