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    FS: Almarro A318b amp

    I don't have a pic of the inside, but in the past I've opened it and confirmed it's unmodded. It's all point to point wired. I can do $100 for the caps if you buy the amp. They'd be $140 + shipping from Sonic Craft.
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    Antelope Live Clock

    Just the Live Clock unit left for sale.
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    SOLD: Focal Elear

    I've been busy, and the headphones were packaged to ship. But I've unpacked and shot some pictures. Here they are. Regarding shipping, please use to calculate shipping to your address. Assume they will be shipped from San Francisco, CA, USA. Package size is 16x13x11 (inches)...
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    SOLD: Focal Elear

    Also, Focal Clear pads fit on the Elear and make it an even better headphone. All in all, this is a great way to achieve great sound on a reasonable budget. (Clear pads need to be bought separately)
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    SOLD: Focal Elear

    Focal Elear in good shape for sale. $460 net to me. Can provide pics if absolutely required. But it's already packed for shipping. Baz.
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    Sold: Modded HD650

    Rarely used modded Senn HD650s. Coin mod, some dynamat added. New owner can decide to clip the spider or not as they are still intact. $180 OBO
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    Eddie Current Zana Deux owners

        No I can't say I've heard every cable in existence...  Cardas hasn't been a favorite of mine in the past, but it has been a while since I've had any around.  Also, I find the Cardas connectors and sundries inferior to Furutech.  Believe it or not, cryo treatment does seem to have a...
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    Eddie Current Zana Deux owners

    I wouldn't say I prefer a warm signature. I prefer neutral to slightly sweet. Slightly sweet in the "emotional engagement" sense. But my T3 is dead nuts neutral to slightly sweet depending on tube, and that's how I built it - with metal foils and Rike caps. And the Stellaris does not sound like...
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    No shame, huh?
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    Neurochrome HP-1: Ultra-High End Headphone Amp

    I thought I'd start a thread dedicated to the new headphone amp design by Tom Christiansen (Neurochrome).  This can be ordered pre-built, or as a partial-DIY project where Neurochrome supplies the PCB, chassis, and BOM list.  I'd caught wind of this amp a while back, and preordered the PCB from...
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    Eddie Current Zana Deux owners

    One year old this month and looking like new here.
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    Eddie Current Zana Deux owners

      The HD800 is bright and lean.  I prefer the HD650 with a ZDS given a neutral 6SL7 tube pairing.  The RCA red base would probably be a good choice for my preferences.  The HD800 wins in soundstage and detail resolution, but I simply do not like its tonality and that's a killer for me...