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    Heads up, new headphone amp: the Bottlehead Crack

    Sounds verrry close to a Van Waarde ... and it shares the major disadvantage of this amp in that it can only reliably drive high impedance phones.
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    A Very Compact Hybrid Amp

    Well, I'm impressed. My SOHA Jr. (or whatever it eventually will be called) is up and running, and it's sounding pretty great with an RCA 5963 that I fished at random out of the 'AU7 box. I tend to fall in love with every new amp that I build, but I think this little guy is something special- a...
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    A Very Compact Hybrid Amp

    Well, I'm pretty psyched. I just put my orders for components in, so given a small amount of luck with the postal system everything should be in place to start my prototype some time next week. I have a small range of slightly more 'unusual' dual triodes lying around which might work well in...
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    NOS PCC88 / 7DJ8 which rebrand? Win a pair. :)

    Quote: Originally Posted by ludoo So the NY address on the box is bogus? Or is this an example of cold-war globalism? The Soviets raised extra hard cash by selling their products on the international markets, in the case of vacuum tubes and other electronics through a...
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    Who does smt with a toaster oven?

    From what I've read, this process takes a lot of time and care and a lot of experimentation to set up right. It seems to be basically the only clean way to do high-density packages at home without shelling out for a rework station, but for run-of-the-mill SMD stuff the pick, place, and solder...
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    rare tubes to look out for

    The SOHA does show significant variation between tubes; it's definitely a rollable design. In fact, the SOHA probably shows more differences than other amplifiers because of its strange operating point, which sits outside of the 'design range' of the 12au7. That said, I don't know if it's...
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    DIT tube buffer?

    The 262B6 looks like a handy solution... Unfortunately none of the typical hammond distributors seem to have it in stock. The 262E6 seems to be in stock at mouser but is way overspecced for the task; something probably would have to be done to keep the filament voltage down...
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    Matched transistors in Dynahi

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure the polarities are right. I'm a little loath to send them back as my order did not specify gain class; I'd be in the same position with no ability to complain if these parts were properly labeled as V grade. My big worry is that I got another brand of JFET relabeled as...
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    Matched transistors in Dynahi

    I've been preparing for the upcoming set of amps that use the 2sj74 and 2sk170 by trying to match up for Idss and have run into a bit of a problem. I ordered 2sj74-BL from B&D and a mixed assortment of 2sk170 from Futurlec which turned out to be mainly BL with some GR. The 2sj74 tested just fine...
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    DIT tube buffer?

    The DN2540N5 is in stock in single quantities; it's the N3 that's not available right now, so you can still get it if the irf820 is less convenient.
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    Anyone know of any SE Michigan component/tool retailors ?

    RS electronics in Novi still has a storefront, but it's kind of overpriced and depressing. They do stock Weller supplies, though.
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    6J8P and 6P13P Compatible replacement tubes?

    Probably a Chinese amplifier, right? A quick search on the TDSL gives me this datasheet. There seems to be a whole ecosystem of Chinese tubes split off of the russian naming system- the J is a romanization of Ж, though you often see this converted as 'sh'. It's also clear that this is -not- the...
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    Good, cheap pots

    Quote: They were everywhere. In everything. They included a 92mm box fan that was inexplicably attached via 4" leads to a cigarette lighter plug. I pulled 30 tiny little diodes out of the motor on that fan. heheheheheh surprise! Yes, there was a lot of junk in the box; I can see...
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    Alps Black Beauty

    Got a few of these in yesterday evening. It's interesting to compare the feel of the shafts between the rk27 and the rk40; the rk40 has far more resistance, though that could be a result of sitting in the jbl warehouse for over ten years. Instead of lubricating I think I'm just going to use...