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    I need help building a computer -fi

    i would say an amd is fit for purpose here, but get the best monitor you can i have a dell ips u2410 which i love, that and the hp version are the only reasonable priced monitors that are [reasonably] colour accurate and are way more appropriate than cheaper TN panels if you can afford a...
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    HTC HD2 or Nexus One as a mp3 player.

    i would hope so, ive got a great priced contract with it on pre order as the iphone 1st gen is almost dead! i got my desire for £25/mth 18mths 300mins 300 texts and unlimited net couldve got a better contract with the hd2 but no win mo 7 so i went android [wouldve prefered hd2 tbh]
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    HTC HD2 or Nexus One as a mp3 player.

    everyone seems to think these phones have worse SQ than the iphone, im comming from an iphone, i also know that if something has a poor SQ and you listen with it on high quality earphones, you pick up all the imperfections the desire has the same hardware as the nexus one
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    Post your computer specs!~

    i7920 asus p6t 6 GB g skill 1600 MHz ripjaw 1GB 5850 ATI radeon 850W TX Corsair PSU Samsung 8x BD ROM drive 300GB 10'000 RPM WD velociraptor 1.5TB seagate 7200RPM + a few smaller ones Dual tuner DVB-T TV card Coolermaster 922 Dell U2410 IPS panel 24" - stunning monitor! microsoft...
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    Anyone try the new 3D HDTV display at Best Buy?

    that would be mega awsome! ooo! im pretty sure alot of computers could handle it fine gpu wise now
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    HTC: Android vs Windows Mobile (Nexus One vs HD2)

    when i tried the hd2 its screen was pretty good tbh but these 'maybes' arent really enough when youre gonna pay for a £25 a month contract, hardware wise that phones a cracker there really isnt another phone out there thats comparable to the nexus one/htc desire
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    HTC: Android vs Windows Mobile (Nexus One vs HD2)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. B If the folks at XDA Developers have anything to say about it, there probably will be an Android port eventually. ...might be better to wait for the HTC Supersonic though. i cant wait any longer lol, ive waited long enough for the desire, [my 2...
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    HTC: Android vs Windows Mobile (Nexus One vs HD2)

    ive been debating the do i get a htc hd2 or htc desire [basically the nexus 1] i think ive been forced into choosing the desire because from what i gather the HD2 cant run android well even on dual boot and as said, microsoft wont put winmo7 on it, thats so dissapointung, i wonder...
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    Apple iPad is Offical

    just think of the 80s style wall paper ypu could have with 6 imats!! im resizing one of my rooms to fit! 8D seriously, i dont like apple, but even if i did, i wouldnt buy this, as alot feel, i dont think it has a market, execept of course fan boys, who would buy a poo if it had an apple on it!
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    Rate the video games you're currently playing

    is COD MW 2 worth getting on the PC? ive heard some negative remarks? [ive ever played a COD game before]
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    Rate the video games you're currently playing

    now my i7 920 machine is fully set up ive been playing crysis warhead/crysis, 9/10 - i dont really like this sort of game, but tese games really are just so fun, only reason for a 9 is they are too short Red alert 3 -3/10 i loved red alert, red alert 2, tiberian sun, generals, and...
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    Post your desktop!

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    Nooo!!! Played simcity 4 for 4 hours and..

    gotta love these threads ace story mate :P
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    Trouble ripping and playing blu ray on PC

    thats annoying cause its a pay for program yeah the dvds are mine, i rip them like i do dvds, its just dvds are a lot easier to do :/ so why is it that MPC cant seem to play them as well?
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    New keyboard for new build!

    i went to a shop today and saw the g15 and x6 did not like the x6 keys too shiney id pick the g15 over it, havent found the razer one yet to try