JVC today announced the expansion of its Xtreme Xplosives headphone series with the addition of...


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  • JVC today announced the expansion of its Xtreme Xplosives headphone series with the addition of two new inner ear models. Both new headphones, the HA-FR201 and HA-FX101, offer powerful bass performance, a secure fit and the durability that characterizes the entire Xtreme Xplosives line.

    The two new headphones are identical in specifications and performance, with the HA-FR201 adding an in-line remote control and microphone. Shared features include JVC’s Extreme deep bass port that delivers strong bass reproduction, and a powerful 0.33-inch neodymium driver in each housing for clean, clear sound. Silicone earpieces in three sizes are included to ensure a comfortable and secure fit, and to provide superior sound isolation and minimize sound leakage. Rubber protectors enhance durability, making the headphones ideal for active users.

    To these features the HA-FR201 adds a remote control and microphone compatible with Apple, Blackberry and Android devices. The cord-mounted single-button control makes it easy to operate play, stop and skip functions, and answer a phone call. A conversion cable for Samsung and Sony-Ericson devices is included.

    Both models come in five colors, blue, black, green, red and violet. The headphones come complete with a 3.94-foot (1.2 meters) color cord with a gold-plated iPhone®-compatible slim plug.

    The new JVC HA-FX101 and HA-FR201 will be available in March for $19.95 and $29.95, respectively.

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  1. stereosun
    "2 years of great service"
    Pros - Bass, Reliability, Comfort, Ear Seal (isolation)
    Cons - Build
    Purchased from futureshop 3 years ago, (futureshop doesn't even exist anymore), they literally outlasted the store.
    I bought these for 15$ , and at the time i was really into bass. I thoroughly enjoyed the bass on these for comparison i'd say they have the sound signature / quality of Dre-Beats but at 15$. Used em for the first two years of university, until water damaged the mic. Even then they were still great working headphones, but i needed a mic. 
    The other two headphones that i have used extensively and can compare these too are the:
    Monoprice 8323 Over Ear headphone , and the MEE M9P headphone. These are better than my current M9P headphone on just comfort alone, but thats subjective. Soundwise the M9P is probably better but the stiff plastic cord i cant deal with, and also the M9ps started to get quieter in one ear after 10 months. (i use an equalizer to fix this). 
    Buy these for around 20$ , they will last and you wont regret it. 
  2. bonami2
    Pros - Cheap
    Cons - Seem like that burning them for 2 week is not enough to stop them breaking my ear since the high are so harsh
    High are ways to loud. 
    Compared to my M-duo and 8320 i may says they are garbage
  3. drkrazyrich
    "good enough for anyone "
    Pros - cheap to buy ,great bass ,even great sound overall try em
    Cons - ok my kid loves them but cheap build quality ,thin cable and weak joints so if they get caught on things it can end up pulling them apart :frowning2:
    listen to them ,they re cheap to get and try .l recomend them to anyone ,great overall sound .l not so rough on them my daughter is (teen) lots of boom. l have the phone mic ones and works with android BUT careful thin cabling can pull out easily if caught on things like chairs ,doors handles etc ....AND they are quite bulky so people with smaller ears may find them uncomfortable .

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