May 27, 2015
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Comp eng student

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    Comp eng student
    Jamming on the violin
    Headphone Inventory:
    Haves: (In rough order of preference)
    STAX SR-L300
    Mr.Speakers AEON
    Sennheiser HD650
    Grado SR60 w/ 414pads
    Fostex T20v2 (1987 - 2006 model)
    Sennheiser PX100ii
    Sennheiser HD558
    Philips SHP9500(S)
    Grado MS1
    Beyerdynamic DT770 (Bill-P mod)
    Koss KTXPRO1
    Sennheiser HD35
    Koss KSC75
    Fostex T40v1 (199X model)
    Bose QC20
    Bose QC15


    Have heard:
    AKG Q701, K612, K702, K712, K550, K340 (Bass Heavy)
    ATH-R70x, 500x, 2000x, A2000z, MSR7, M70x, M50x, A700
    Audeze LCD-4, LCD-3, LCD-2 (fazor), XC, X, Sine, LCDi4
    Audioquest Nighthawk, NightOwl
    Beyerdynamic DT880(250Ω), T1&T5p 2nd gen, T90, DT1770 pro
    B&W P7
    Final Sonorous VI
    Focal Clasic, Spirit One, Listen, Elear, Utopia
    Fostex TH-X00, TH-500, TH-900, T50rp&T40rp&T20rpMK3
    Grado SR60i, SR80i
    Hifiman Susvara, HE1000, Edition X, HE560, HE400i, HE400S
    Koss ESP950
    Meze 99, 99 Neo
    MrSpeakers Ether, Ether C
    OPPO PM3
    Philips X2, L2
    HD800, HD800S, HD700, HD600, HD598se, Amperior and many other senns
    Shure 1840, 1540, 840
    Sony ma900
    STAX SR-507, 407, 307, 207, L700, L500, L300, 007A, 009

    The DREAM:
    MYSPHERE 3.1?!? HYPE!!!
    TAKET H2+ + TR2
    ABYSS AB-1266φ
    Mr. Speakers Electrostat
    STAX 007MK1/SR-SC21(Airbow) + Blue Hawaii SE
    Sony MDR-R10 (bass-light)
    Obligatory HE1 mention
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    STAX SRM-252S
    Channel Islands VHP-1 + VAC-1
    Fiio e10
    Topping NX1
    Pioneer M-980
    Source Inventory:
    Cambridge Audio Azur DacMagic
    Music Preferences:
    All kinds
    ...just maybe not Noise-Grind-Power-Death
    ...also country... hate country
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