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Your top 5 tracks to evaluate the sound of an IEM.

  1. 991 Carrera 4S
    Your top 5 tracks to evaluate the sound of an IEM.
    Thread rules:
    • Only 1 posting per member (please edit if your top 5 tracks change).
    • Not more than 5 tracks, please.
    • Name the recordings as precisely as possible!
    Have fun. [​IMG] 
  2. 991 Carrera 4S
    Here are mine:
    Johann Strauss II - Die Fledermaus
    Carlos Kleiber - Bavarian State Orchestra - 1976
    Act 2 - Unter Donner und Blitz, op. 324, Polka schnell
    Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No. 9 in D minor, op. 125
    Sir John Eliot Gardiner - Orchestre Révolutionaire et Romantique - 1992
    2nd Movement - Scherzo - Molto Vivace - Presto - D minor

    Giuseppe Verdi - La Traviata
    Sir John Eliot Gardiner - Concerto di Capodanno del Teatro La Fenice - 2013
    Act 2 - Di Madride noi siam mattadori
    Robyn - Body Talk Pt. 3 - Indestructible

    Awolnation - Megalithic Symphony - Sail

  3. Gilly87
    Guitars: Joe Satriani - Up In The Sky
    Vocals: Snarky Puppy ft. Lalah Hathaway - Something
    Instrument separation: Liquid Tension Experiment - Paradigm Shift
    Bass: Distance - Out of Mind
    Speed: Bluetech - Emerald Epiphytes

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