Your favorite computer media player?
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Foobar is the ONLY option for an audiophile media player IMO. It's amazing.
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Welly Wu, I recommend you find help, quickly!!

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Reading what you wrote it's hard to say anything else but that you're completely biassed.
Join us on the IRC channel and start a dialog and ask about the things you mention.
Posting things like what you just did is the way of the forum trolls.

mind you, if you join you better bring facts and a good attitude.
If you are unsure and not knowledgeable about what you speak of - I suggest you ask instead of guessing your way.
Seek information and facts - don't fictionalize.


Originally posted by da_burl
Time for just a quick little update, in case youz peepz aren't checking for foobar updates.
I have gone through two more betas, they have been adding more and more features!
Yes the Audio CD Player dll is now included! And integration with replaygain and tagging/renaming through the playlist. There's a conversion/diskwriter interface, which could let you decompress to wav for making CD's, and probably transcode if you wanted (that's basically considered to be a no-no with golden ears). Anybody know a CDWriter program that burns 32bit floating point wav's?? Nero kicked them back, so I went back to 16 bit, the standard. Not sure my CD Player would even play them, but I think I could play them on the computer. There's also a database that you can use to play things easily without finding them in Explorer first, after you've played something, it is stored there for easy future access (a nod to MJ or MC or MR, I think) I'm sure there are more new features, but that's the only ones I have played with so far. That, and it does shorten files now, don't think it did earlier.
Foobar is becoming "bloated"
, the very thing that it was originally not going to do!!
I am finding that almost all the mp3's I have "found" clip, before running replaygain per track on them. The mpc's, oggs, and mp3's I have made do not seem to, but I run them through replaygain anyway, but it seems to do it automatically if you listen to the entire song.
I may have stated that previously mpc was my encoder of choice, but I am starting to swing over to ogg vorbis. Its just about the same, both the mpc's and ogg's are indistinguishable to me from the original wav's. I have some mp3's that are distinguishable . !
Just recently, I "found" a rip of Jethro Tull Aqualung MFSL CD, coded at 128kb!! What a ma-r-oon!! I am insane though, I use the highest setting on each! (--quality 8 for mpc, and - quality 6 on ogg's) Guess they should sound good!!

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You are correct, it appears I did get a little carried away, the part about foobar2k being bloated was supposed to be a joke, I guess I should have used this
instead of this

Some of the features I mentioned may not be entirely new, but they were new to me. I do like the CD Player being added. The conversion/diskwriter utility will not do transcoding, just conversion to several formats of wav's. This could be considered the first step of transcoding, but you would still have to reencode which is definitely a no-no

Everyone, please ignore the last paragraph about encoders, and replaygain, it was off topic and purely opinion. It does not appear on further review that foobar does automatic replaygain after playing a song once. I think ogg vorbis sounds good to me, but I did not realize the developers were so modest.

Now I feel better, and promise not to post unless I've had my coffee!

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