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  1. gvl2016
    Windows 10 probably just loads a generic Usb audio class 2 driver, and it doesn't mean that F1 driver will work.
  2. stoutblock
    Would they be better than the xCore drivers that windows 10 loads? I think these are created for XMOS?
  3. bimmer100
    Win10 drivers or ones it comes with are not good at all. FYI
  4. gvl2016
    I'm on W7, it would load nothing.
  5. stoutblock
    My Windows 10 loaded xCore drivers automatically once I told it to automatically find them. From what I can tell xCore are not generic drivers and are specifically for XMOS products. I believe this is one of the recent updates to Windows 10 Fall Creators update (4022716) that came out in November. It now recognizes USB audio devices and will load drivers if they are available in the Windows library. Apparently the xCore drivers are in the library and probably many others? I know this has always been a problem with Windows but apparently no more with this Fall Creators update for Windows 10? I guess it also has some new headphone spacial effect options?

    My breeze sounds really good with these xCore WASAPI drivers.
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  6. manishex
    What drivers are recommended instead?
  7. stoutblock
    I don’t know what others use but the xCore WASAPI drivers sound great with the Breeze U208. Normally I prefer ASIO drivers over WASAPI drivers but I have not been able to find any that work with the Breeze.
  8. gvl2016
    I ended up buying a used Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 from a fellow member. Anyone willing to try if the Matrix driver works with their Breeze they have it on their website (http://matrix-digi-usa.com/x-series/x-spdif_2), it comes with the ASIO interface as well. My bet it will not work even though both DDCs are using the same XMOS chip.
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  9. phile1
    What's your feedback about the Matrix X-SPDIF 2 ? It replaces which DDC ?
    I've read that it sounds slightly better than the SU-1.
  10. gvl2016
    It sounds good but I have nothing to compare it to, my first DDC, only bought it to feed SPDIF to a vintage DAC which doesn't have USB, hoping to find other uses in the future (IIS). Oh yeah, it is small but I would advice against swimming with it, so heavy you'd drown :).
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  11. phile1
    I've a DDC (Breeze DU-U8 modded) with an i2s output, besides RCA/AES/toslink outputs.
    I use spdif outputs.
    Does i2s sound better or not ?

    I tried i2s in the past using another drive (UPNP streamer), but I got no SQ difference between i2s vs spdif, so I'm wondering if it worths another try.
  12. StrikeFreedom
    Amanero.jpg If you using spdif, Some Dac might need receiver chip to convert spdif signal to i2s signal before feed the signal to Dac chip. Some receiver ICs have high jitter (CS841x series are 200ps or greater), some doesn't (AK411x, DIR9001, WM8805 are about 50ps or less). I'm using Leaf Audio Amanero as usb-to-i2s and ESI-Juli@ for spdif with Weiliang's ES9038. I hear no significant different between spdif and usb-2-i2s
  13. superuser1
    The breeze audio Xmos U8 USB to SPDIF/COAX finally arrived. Have hooked it up to the ifi iOne using coax and iDSD BL using optical. Both outputs working at the same time. Feeding the unit using usb from PC/ MusicBee [WASAPI] For sonic differences, Ihear none so far apart from the placebo in my head but i think the low end could be a bit more pronounced than before. I need more time with this setup. Nifty, tiny little device which is powered by the usb input inputting the audio signal.
    IMG_20180102_102727.jpg IMG_20180102_102740.jpg IMG_20180102_102758.jpg
  14. gvl2016
    Here is a question. I'm using a vintage Parasound D/AC-1000 and it can only do 16-bit and it'll drop any extra LSB it receives right on the floor. Unlike in some earlier XMOS drivers I've seen I can't seem to be able to force my Matrix DDC to 16-bit mode and as it is seen as a 24-bit device in the OS any WASAPI-aware app that doesn't allow explicit output bit-depth selection, e.g. Tidal, is free to decide to dither to full 24-bits from 16 and that can't be good. Am I missing something?
  15. superuser1
    I spoke too soon about the Breeze Audio XMOS U8. It's giving me problems with frequent disconnections. Could someone please help me with a proper driver.

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