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Xin Feng amp owners?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by happy camper, Jun 6, 2015.
  1. Happy Camper
    In the day, they were the standard for Ety in ears. I have a Macro IV that needs a bit of love to come alive again but do any of you still have and use these amps?
  2. theory_87
    I'm still using my micro iv and mini iv on rotation basis. To me, micro and mini is still unbeatable when you factor in size, price and most importantly sq. A waste that i didn't get to own a macro iv myself.
  3. HiFlight
    I still have and use my Micro. I am also awaiting the return of my Mini that was sent in for update about 5 years ago :mad:
    lucky campers, I've wanted to hear Xins work evry since I came to Head-Fi and read about him, I can only miss out on what I never had, would be worse to have one and then to have t break? ggrrr ugh, lol,  such a shame he disapeared?
    5 years thats not long, should be back soon? ggrrr ggrrr ugh ugh ugh, lol,
  5. Happy Camper
    So not too many out there. I've been having battery issues with mine. It will work plugged in to the charger but won't come on in battery. If anybody has any experience with this, I'd love a tip. I've cleaned all the copper and bent the edges up to make better contact to the batteries moved the end plate around and tried different nut torques on it. Any other ideas?
  6. SunByrne Contributor
    I had a SuperMicro years ago, and it eventually gave out.
  7. labrat
  8. labrat
  9. Spektrograf
    Still rocking my maxed SM3 with OPA627's from the days of the long waits. Strangely enough, I still enjoy the sound from it immensely. Much more convenient when I can't be tied down to within a 10' radius of my ZD. :wink:
    Just picked up an iDSD Micro though, so we'll see if it will begin to collect dust after all these years as part of my 'transportable' laptop rig.
  10. jamato8 Contributor

    I had the mini updated and preferred the prior sound. Tell him you want it back. . . I know. He won't answer my email. 
    I have a few of the Reference, SM3 and a few others. All great amps. 
  11. kiwirugby Contributor
    This is amazing!! I haven't been on head-fi for quite a while and here's something from the distant past. Any news of Xin's whereabouts and wellbeing? I'm going to have to dig out my Xin amps and some rechargebles. It's been so long. Anyone remember his tweak of the tiny Sony radio???? Mine still works....more as soon as I resurrect Xin's masterpieces.
    awe dog, no u didnt, lol, I am officially and totally jealous,
    I have been wanting to get my hands on Xins work for ever since I read about him, too bad I didn't discover Head-Fi until after he left the scene,
  13. jamato8 Contributor
    Well the radios are long gone but they were even when Xin was still around. He is fine, not working on any amps. I visited with him a little less than a year ago at this home. I doubt he will ever make any more amps but only time will tell for certain. 
  14. kiwirugby Contributor
    Good to know Xin is doing well. If you're in touch with him again please say, "Roger sends his best." I think I still have an email address for him. Maybe, just maybe....

    Got to post my Xin collection when I get back home.
  15. staxfreak
    I have one the last delivered Supermicro IV with three extra cases since January 2009  - works fine with Tera-Player + ER4S [​IMG]

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