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Xiaomi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD (2 +1 Hybrid)

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  1. Weithulu
    Its November 11th and its time for the launch of another Mi IEM flagship! This year Xiaomi builds on the success of last years Mi Hybrid IEM by offering an more expensive "Pro HD" version, (Yes the product is officially titled "In-Ear Headphones Pro HD", which is quite a mouthful). The major improvement in this model is the driver - this IEM uses a 2 Dynamic Driver +1 Balanced Armature Hybrid driver instead of a 1+1 Hybrid. This year an additional 50 RMB ( 7 USD) is added to the base price of these IEMs. Whilst it is a bit more expensive, it is the cheapest 2+1 hybrid this year. It is also interesting to note that these IEMs use a two dynamic driver instead of two balanced armatures like other 2+1 hybrids. 
    Note: These Pro HD IEMS should not  be confused with "Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro" which were released last year. To make matters more confusing, the IEMs on the chinese website are called "Pro" without the "HD". 
    In this article I will refer to these as "Pro HD" and last year's model as "Pro"
    These IEMs pack a new 3 driver hybrid IEM. 
    The official website for these IEMs: http://www.mi.com/earphonepro/ (Chinese)
    Currently no official english webiste
    The Xiaomi Pistons 2.0 made quite a big splash in the community by providing affordable head phones at a reasonable price. They followed up with the Pistons 3.0 in March 2015, which featured an all new design. Xiaomi first launched their hybrid IEM "Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro" in during november 2015. 

    Note: The Pro HD headphones comes in a large box which encases the plastic box xiaomi is known for. The back of the box actually has English! which is quite helpful. 
    The package includes a carrying case, 3 extra ear tips of different sizes and a plastic holder. 
    The IEMs themselves have a CNC milled metal casing.
    Remote Control- The remote supports android systems and has partial support for iOS. On android all 3 buttons work and can control the volume. On iOS only the middle Stop/ play button works (tested on iphone 6).
    The remote is positioned on the cable for the right earphone, around 2 inches below the earphone itself. 
    Driver Design:
    The pro HD edition features a 2 DD+1 BA Hybrid driver. These are upgraded from the 1+1 Hybrid in the previous model. Xiaomi claims These drivers have been rebalanced to feature stronger mids (a weakness in the previous model) along with a stronger bass. 
    I'm currently only offering some initial impressions, a more detailed review is pending:
    The first time I played music with these I was shocked by the amount of bass - almost as if I just stepped foot into a cinema. The bass was both deep and rich with a lot of detailed (richer than "Pro"). That said, there is definitely an emphasis on the bass and these headphones are definitely not "balanced" like the GR07.  At this point I'm not sure if I love it or not. What we can say for sure is that Xiaomi is definitely trying to establish their own sound signature and moving away from the balanced signature of "Pistons 3" . 
    The mids have definitly improved when comparing to last year's model.
    Pricing and Ordering info
    Official retail pricing (Mi.com) is at 149 MB (~ 22 USD). This is more 50 RMB more expensive than the non HD Version
    International Orders:
    http://www.gearbest.com/ - Only one I've used personally. 
    Type: In-Ear
    Weight: 17g
    Cable Length: 1.25m
    Jack Type: 3.5mm
    Rated Power: 5mW
    Speaker Impedance: 32 Ω
    Sensivity 98 dB
    Frequency Range:  20-20,000Hz
    Update: Included more information about the driver. 
    Update2: Added Unboxing Video
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  2. SuperMAG
    I though the treble was weak point of xiaomi hybrid, too much rolled off. how is the treble, soundstage and imaging. are they special. what other iems u have to compare to, i mean the chinese iems.
  3. Intensecure
    Interesting. Look forward to hearing more.....
  4. pedronet
    Just to be clear... this is a hybrid with 2 dynamic drivers and 1 balanced armature. I wonder if they're not too muddy. [​IMG] 
  5. Weithulu
    I'm current comparing the to Pistons 3, Vsonic GR07 in terms of chinese IEMs. I'm also comparing with the Shure SE315. 
    Will try to post a more detailed review once I get to spend some more time with these!
  6. chellity
    I'd definitely like to purchase these as soon as they're available at the normal price (?) for NA...the old hybrid definitely left something to be desired since im not all about that bass.  But it's sounding like the xiaomi pros would be a good counter part to the Tennmak Cellos I just got on the 11/11 sale...i'm hoping both of these are good in their own ways.  Looking forward to reading your in depth impressions :)
  7. chipstjuven
    damn, still no L shaped plug.
  8. Arvan
    Ordered a pair.. Skipped their first hybrid attempt so I hope this one is a improvement compared to the piston 3..the budget iem market is so good now so let's see how they stack up against the competition. My current budget King is the quadbeat 3 for reference.
  9. pedronet
    Looking forward for your impressions [​IMG]
  10. pack21
    Is this the new Xiaomi hybrid PRO HD?

  11. pedronet
    pack21 likes this.
  12. pack21

    Thanks, i order a pair from GearBest. :)

    I have been very surprised by xiaomi quality products, special my MI5 phone and others,, so I'm very curious to see what they have been doing in their iem's , i hope awesome things. :)
  13. pedronet
    Same here, since i have the previous model (piston hybrid), i'm really curious about this one, specially because 2DD+1BA is not really a usual combo. Still, I'm gonna wait a little for them to be released since i have ordered another pair a few days ago. [​IMG]
  14. pack21
    27$ Flash sale on GearBest

  15. Weithulu
    The picture looks like it but it doesn't have the "HD" label. I would ask their customer support. 
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