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XDuoo XD-05 Portable Dac/Amp Introduction - Impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by h20fidelity, Dec 3, 2015.
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  1. Baycode
    Why it is very hard to find this Dac in online shops? Can anyone send a link for the cheapest price? So far I could only find it in an Aliexpress sellers shop :/
  2. ndburley
    Well I have been running the XD-05 through some tracks yesterday evening and all this morning and I will list these shortly so you have some idea.
    First I would like to give my view on the build of the XD-05. This is one solid all aluminium device, I really have no concerns that the XD-05 will suffer from pocket use or transportation. The switches on the front a little plastic flick switches that only come out enough for you to adjust and again they are sturdy and confident clicking into place without issue.
    I have also been charging the XD-05 through my pc checking for hot spots of heat but remained cool throughout and the same for playing it.
    As some of you may know I tend to favour the Flac format while listening to music and chose to test it with my Beyerdynamic DT990 pro headphones.
    The tracks I have listened to just for reference are
    1. Kasabian - Where did all the love go
    2. Queen - Breakthru
    3. Carly Simon - The Carter Family
    4. Faithless - Insomnia
    5. Bonobo - Flutter
    6. ICECube  - AmeriKKKa's most wanted
    7. FleetwoodMac - Big Love
    I have used the XD-05 as an amp for my X3 using the lineout and the Fiio L16 to do some listening. First thing the sheer effortlessness that the XD-05 powers the 250ohm headphones was lovely. The X3 can power these at a good volume but you do not know what you are missing with these headphones until you amp them. Now I do have the little bear B1 and this is a very capable amp with a lovely warming result but off the bat the XD-05 out performs in detail and fills the bottom with clear foundations, I didn't realise what I was missing with these headphones it just sounds full without any of the range being over powered by the other.
    Now as using it as an amp I am restricted to the switch options on the front for I have 2 gain jumps and a bass increase. I have settled on the 1st increase it gives it that extra edge that suits my taste and turning the bass is interesting. In the past I have avoided bass boosts as they can be just too much ruining the overall balance of what I was listening to. Flicking the XD-05 bass increase +6db the result is very noticeable but not in a slap in the face approach but I would say it would be like adding that extra ingredient to a cake like vanilla or cinnamon, it does not overpower the whole experience but you notice very clearly without ruining anything. top end stays lovely and clear along with the mid range so if you are into stronger bass the XD-05 delivers this very well while keeping overall quality.  
    Now I have also linked the XD-05 to my pc as a DAC using youtube and my collection of songs in Windows media player on Windows 10.
    I lost some listening time to my 6 year old son who has set his taste on Kasabian at the moment and he loves the videos to go with it. This is Xander listening to Where has all the love gone?
    so once his fix was completed for some classic tunes I sat down and listened to the track myself on youtube. I know these are normally compressed but the experience was neither the less impressive and not lacking in enjoyment. I normally listen to music on youtube using my SoundBlaster X-Fi pro you can just see under my monitor but the XD-05 for listening to music comes across cleaner and it is hard to put my hand on it. I think it is the power delivered and the fullness of the sound itself.
    As you can see in the first picture the display on the XD-05 shows I am using the USB connection this is controlled by the furthest switch to the left which gives you options for Optical, USB in and AUX In. Windows 10 found the drivers for the XMOS chip and defaults to my DAC nicely every time I plug it in and returning to the SB card when removed.
    The sound again is amazing in my opinion using the XD-05 through my computer and opens up an extra 4 filter settings which are controlled on the side of the DAC itself.
    From here you can switch the filters to PCM Sharp roll-off, slow roll-off, short delay sharp roll off and short delay slow roll-off and a long press will enable you to reset to default. I have settled on PCM3 but this is all down to personal taste.
    There are a further more 3 filters for when listening to DSD formats though I have not been able to test this as I normally do not listen to these formats.
    The display button if long pressed will turn off the front display and return it at one quick press, personal I like seeing the information on the XD-05 so leave it on.
    Trust me for having misplaced my OTG adapter so have had to order another so I am sorry about this people but will have to test that at a later date but I do not have any fears that it will perform to high standards when listening to the results as an AMP and a DAC.
    The overall design is neat and well thought out, it has a technical look and looks impressive and the little raising along the edges help stop your player sliding around on top even when the band is on.
    The volume know has a lovely amount of resistance  and is nice to use on the desk when laying flat or stacked with your player on your lap or on the side of a sofa.
    From what I here from XDuoo the price of the XD-05 is something to marvel at also and is around the $210 mark but we will have to wait and see about this when released.
    The applications of the XD-05 for use with your PC, Laptop, Android device, Apple products, optical players, Aux connection is just wonderful and the sound to me is great and cannot be without the XD-05 now.
    I hope this gives you some insight to the XDuoo XD-05 and I have done a lot of cramming over the last day to get some impressions and I will update as I learn more like for example battery life etc.
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  3. peter123
    Really interesting. The AK4490 is the same chip that's used in the CEntrance DACport Slim/HD. I like the Slim a lot :wink:
  4. Baycode

    This is an exciting information, thanks for this info share Peter. I am also excited to see 2 BUF 634 opamp's in the amp section which are my favorite chips (using them in my Shelbrookaudio Amp)!
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  5. peter123

    That's great Baybars. I wasn't familiar with that op amp, thank for sharing. Now I'm even more interested:)
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  6. Aradea
    Sounds like a good first impression.. Waiting to hear more
  7. HiFiChris Contributor
    Does it use analogue or digital volume control? The "classical" potentiometer with integrated on/off switch makes me think it's analogue, but one never knows.
    i heard from my seller who sold me the xduoo x3, that alot of these units are having problems and they have to be sent back. Suppose to get a new supply after Xmas
  9. ndburley
    Are these the older XD-05? The one I have is not available yet that I can see so would be hard to see people returning them. 
  10. ndburley
    I have been listening to some opera today, not really my thing but using my PC and the XD-05 as the DAC with my Beyers. I have it cranked to 192000 HZ at 24bit using some free samples downloaded from the web. 
    I am not the most experienced with the portable audio gadgets and at this time not a load of comparisons to give you much of  a detailed insight. 
    I would like to mention that I have spent a lot of time in recording studios and am an experienced drummer believe it or not and have the privilege to work with some awesome artists from my area
    That is me while recording some tracks with a band called The Poet Junkies they are still going strong but without me I am afraid, still love them to bits though. 
    Anyway I have spent a lot of hours in front of monitors while mastering etc that is the point I am getting at. 
    Anyway I will get to the point and that is in my opinion the XD-05 provides an audio experience of detail that I have not had in my experience apart from when listening to masters and mastering with headphones and monitor speakers in the studio. 
    Also yes I am a drummer, aimed at you other musicians before the jokes start flying my way!
    Anyway still loving the powerful detail I am getting from the XD-05, I think that is how I can sum it up "powerful detail".
    Battery life is good so far no need to charge only lost 1 bar in 2 evenings of random use. 
  11. leobigfield
    Very very interested... Could it be the do-it-all jack of all trades, master of many i've been looking for?? Can't wait to read more impressions!!
  12. peter123

    +1, I'm hoping for the same. My only experience with the AK4490 (DACport Slim) is extremely positive. The X05 seems to be a lot more versatile though so yes I'm HYPED :wink:
  13. RedTwilight
    Is this finally the the budget AliDSD we've been waiting for?? Subbed!
  14. earfonia
    Very interesting USB DAC! Thanks for the impression @ndburley !
  15. H20Fidelity Contributor
    XDuoo are patching up a few things before the official release of XD-05, apparently some minor noise issues causing a delay. This product is still 'very much' happening so sit tight!
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