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XDuoo XD-05 Portable Dac/Amp Introduction - Impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by h20fidelity, Dec 3, 2015.
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  1. sepinho
    Seems like Tenmark is already selling the XD-05. Or are they just taking pre-orders?
  2. peter123

    That's great news. They're a reputable seller as well :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  3. sepinho
    Yeah, I'm tempted. If I sell everything I'm currently offering in the FS threads, I'll get one. I guess my wife couldn't object either. :)
  4. haens
    I just received reply from Aliexpres shop and they expect first units this weekend. so imho all sellers on Aliexpres are just taking preorders, even if they dont say it.
  5. H20Fidelity Contributor


    Hey, did you hear that? If you listen very carefully you can hear the slight humming of train wheels coming along a track.

    Hype train XD-05. :wink:
    DJScope likes this.
  6. ndburley
    And all will be right in the world of music! 
    I cannot wait for others to give feedback on this little beauty. 
    H20Fidelity likes this.
  7. mrinspire
    How is the sound quality?
  8. Aradea
    Yes I also would like to know more about the bass-mid-treble qualities
  9. ndburley
    As an amp it is good with the bass boost and gain so with the X3 feeding it the boost in sound allows a fuller sound without having to crank the X3 up too much, this gave the DT900 pro 250ohm a higher treble I found. Now adding the XD-05 as the amp the whole sound is more balanced and fuller sounding across bass, mid and treble. 
    Using the XD-05 as a DAC through my pc is another story, this goes into a different realm to my ears, it is so clear and clean sounding and it also enables 4 filter settings as well as two gain jumps and a bass boost from the switches on the front. The bass increase is still how I described it earlier, it is a clean increase that adds to the scene without over powering the whole experience. So it is powerful enough to be noticed but you don't lose from the mid by it seeping over and the treble remains clear. 
    Also I have been playing with a pre amp through the XD-05
    The P5-1 is referenced here http://www.head-fi.org/t/791692/little-bear-p5-1-impressions-and-thoughts
  10. miriddin
    I just bought my XDuoo XD-05 from PenonAudio that has it in stock in both Silver and Black version!
    I think that the price is quite good: $200
  11. ndburley
    Great I cant wait for your view on it!
  12. Aradea
    I'm also tempted to order one from Penon Audio as a desktop solution. but with the power output of 500 mW @ 32 ohm (listed in the spec), I dont know whether it would be powerful enough to drive some of the current planar HPs
  13. Jnjy
    Anything about battery life?
  14. Aradea
    I'm also curious about XD05 sound.. Is it rather warm like the X3 DAP? Or is it more transparent and dynamic?
  15. ndburley
    I am by no way a heavy user as I normally have a good listen at the weekend and use it for a few albums most evenings but it has 5 bars. Out of these 5 bars i have only ever got it to drop by 2 and that was after about 3 evenings of use on and off switching between aux and the pc. I have not fear that the XD-05 could last around 8 hours + more on the plus side. Using it last night and tonight and its dropped 1 bar now that is about 4 albums, I will not charge it and see what I can get out of it.  
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