Wow! Sennheiser HD 540 Reference are so good.

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  1. Alizz
    Thanks, any idea how to dissamble it?
  2. GREQ
    If I remember correctly, you need to disassemble them thinking more along the lines of 'taking off the grey cups' first... as the whole black coloured plastic baffle is technically the driver housing - coverd by the cup.
    It all just snaps together, and I don't recall it being too difficult to pop out.

    You need to pull the cup off the headband first - just pry it off at one angle until the ball pops out of the socket - this socket is also part of the large driver housing, so a little pressure can also be applied against the ball joint to help pop off the cup.
    Once the cup and driver-housing/baffle are separated, it's much easier to see how to get to the individual smaller pieces and get to the driver.

    Images can be found on this thread - post #597
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  3. Alizz
    Thanks, I will try.
  4. hernandoco
    Be very careful and work slowly when removing the drivers. It's not very hard to remove them since they just snap in place but the wire connecting the drivers to the 2-pin connecting port is soooo thin. It's pretty much as thin has hair. I broke my HD430 trying to clean mine. Pull from the top (furthest away from the connectors) first and work your way down. Don't force anything. It shouldn't take too much force to un-clip the driver from the shell. If you notice that you're trying to hard, find a different spot to pull from.
  5. burgunder
    I needed some open headphones as the misses has been complaining that I can't hear anything whem I'm using IEMs, so I stumbled over a pair of 530 I, which should be on the way. I have some experience with AKG K400 and K340, the first is broken the second I sold because they were to heavy, but it should be good fun to try these.
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  6. Sierra trekker
    Wow.....I guess that I own a classic. Long story short, I knew that I had an older pair of Sennheisers that I bought a long time ago new and just could not find them. Yesterday I did and they are HD 540 Reference in great condition (no need for anything). I do recall changing out the pads in 1999 with some replacements from Sennheiser. The one question I do have is the cable seems a bit on the thin side compared to what is offered today. Would a new cable enhance the already, as one described it, very neutral sound? Thanks.
  7. jon parker
    I just bought a new cable for my 540's - There is One slightly upgraded version that Sent. has made since the original. The plugs look different but they fit!
    Didn't experience any noticeable difference in sound but nice to have new cables!
    Details here:

    Thank you for your order placed just now via

    The details of your order, is as follows:

    037974 - 1 x Straight audio cable (3m) -
    Royal Mail 48 Standard
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  8. homesicalien
    OK, now that I own 3 pairs of HD 540 I, it's time for some summary. Of course Sennheiser made many different versions, different sounding and different looking from each other. Typical for this company. Long story short, my beloved one is Reference I 600 ohm with fabric pads and new side look. Pads in this pair are very fresh and thick as new. Ears are far from drivers. There's no foam on drivers only standard baffle (not a version thing I just bought a used pair without them). The sound is bright, light, unforced, with few bass, very precise, instruments separated admirably. Bass doesn't go low, but amount of it is usually satisfying (but I may be an opposite of a basshead). What I love most about them is timbre and transparency. They sound light and bright but don't ever even come close to being harsh. Soft but precise. Now about two other pairs. Reference I 300 ohm also with new side look but with velour pads and foams. And the last one: Reference I 600 ohm with old side look (like HD 430), foams and velour pads. Those two sound less precise with more midrange emphasis and a litte more bass (no change in quality and going low though). I doubt that drivers differ much between those 3 pairs. I guess shallow velour pads along with foams give less precise sound and a little veil (stil far from HD 580 and HD 600 veil). Sounds merge together a little more which I don't like. There's too much midrange, soundstage is noticeably worse and timbre isn't that pleasant. I'm going to exchange cables between them to make sure they are not the reason. In the picture you can see my favourite pair. There's leather finish on fabric pads (mod done by previous owner because of original finish's state). I've never heard Reference II.

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  9. Bostonears
    Nice write-up homesicalien. Cables can make a very noticeable difference on the HD540, and you might find an aftermarket cable that increases the bass response. (The steel cable on the original version of the 540 had especially horrible bass. The later copper cable wasn't as bad, but was still weak in the bass.)
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  10. Alistair Wint
    I just resurrected my Sennheiser HD 540 Reference ii headset, I'm ordering replacement earpads for it. I owned the original 540 and and Pair of HD 600s, I prefer this model to those for different reasons...the balance of transparency vs. soundstaging...very hard to beat. I need a good portable headphone amp for them, perhaps the Oppo I've seen going for $299.00.
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  11. compubomb
    Where did you order your headphone ear pad replacements from?
  12. jon parker
    Hi Alistair
    I also have and use these as well as the 530's, 560's and the 250.
    I can't reccomend enough the Littledot1+ Hybrid solid state / tube amp - I cant speak for the other Little Dots but from personal experience it is extraordinarily great
    There are many tubes you can buy for a reasonable price on ebay so you can tailor the sound how you like. Actually you also upgrade the internal Opamp
    Considering it only around $100 you really cant go wrong!
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  13. Alistair Wint
    I ordered from an eBay seller, hoping fit and finish are decent. I have the original pads but the foam baffle is toast.
  14. Alistair Wint
    Thank you for the recommendation, I'll check that out, I hadn't considered a tube setup but I'm open to suggestions.
  15. Alistair Wint
    Pics of the Reference 540ii headset.
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