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  1. Bikeracer661
    So I have been a very, and I mean VERY long time lurker. I am finally throwing myself into the fray, and making an effort to contribute. Before doing so - my thorough thanks to all of you. This is a vibrant community of head-fiers, and I have learned lots over the years by reading your numerous threads.

    I am starting this thread as I cannot find any recent threads for the Woo Wa5 amps. I have recently ordered a Wa5-LE and I am anxiously awaiting it's arrival. I would love to hear from other owners about their experience with what by almost all accounts is an amazing piece of equipment. I am most curious to hear your tales of tube rolling this combo. There were similar threads on this subject from many years ago, nut they haven't been updated in 5 or more years. If this thread is redundant, I encourage the mods to merge it as they deem fit.

    I ordered the Wa5-LE to power my Audeze LCD-4s. I am hoping it bring them to "life." I also recently acquired a Sony WMA1 which I will be using as my primary source. I cheated and ordered the Wa5-LE with the upgraded internal components and the Takatasuki 300bs. Is anyone using this combo? Thoughts?

    Thanks again for allowing me to lurk for years - now I'll try to contribute.
  2. pippen99
    I own a two year old WA5. I use the SERP 300Bs, Sophia 274B rectifiers and the Sylvania 6SN7GTs. For spares I keep a pair of Brimar 5Z4GY and Ken-Rad 6SN7GTs on hand. Probably my most interesting tube is the WU4G solid-state rectifiers I bought from Ted Weber. These completely destroy any noise floor in the amp but also turns it somewhat sterile for me. For about $50 it was an interesting experiment and cheap backup. As for now I have no backup for the 300Bs.

    Right now the WA5 is sitting cold and dark as I sold off my Norne cables including the 1/4 adapter I used on my LCD-X. Until my Double Helix Prion4 gets built and shipped I am using a friends WyWires Red balanced with no adapter. To be honest I listen to my Cavalli Lau about 70% of the time simply for convenience. The Lau is as good as it gets 5 minutes after its turned on, but the WA5 I let warm up for 10 minutes and still think it doesn't reach peak SQ for another 15-25 minutes. Don't get me wrong, I love my WA5 and won't get rid of it(everyone has his or her price but it would be high). Congratulations on the purchase. The WA5 is a magnificent piece of kit. Don't get caught up in the equipment and forget to enjoy the music.:gs1000smile:
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  3. Bikeracer661
    Pippen99 - thanks for the reply. I am checking out the Ted Weber rectifiers.
  4. hattrick15
    I have a LCD-4 and have been looking at the WA-5 LE. Can you tell me how you've liked this combo? What tubes have you found are the best?
  5. pippen99
    I really love this combo. I am not a tube roller, I have the upgrade tube set that was available when mine was manufactured. Sophia Royal Princess 300B, Sophia 274B rectifier, and Sylvania 6SN7GT drive tubes. I am satisfied with this combination. I have purchased a few backups including some Ted Weber WU4GB solid state rectifiers but I end up using the aforementioned combo. Mine is warming up right now. The only drawback for me is that a warmup of up to 25 minutes is necessary for optimal performance. I usually start listening after 10 minutes but another 15 minutes gets it sounding optimal. Love my Woo, wish I could afford a WA33.
  6. Autostart
    I find it hard to believe that there are so few Woo WA5 owners. I would love to hear more about peoples impressions of these fantastic 300b tube amp. I am very happy to join the Woo family for the 3rd time. WA2, WA22 and now the WA5.

  7. pippen99
    Glad to see you found one. I shipped mine off to a new home 10 days ago. Enjoy.
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  8. Dubstep Girl
    happy with 596, WE300B, and TS 6F8G :)

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