Wireless over-ear for home use
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Apr 3, 2016
I'm looking to replace my aging Sennheiser RS 170 and RS 175, the latter of which I never really enjoyed.
I'd prefer a wireless range similar to those two, but I'm flexible on that point.

Since I earn a lot more these days I don't have a particular budget in mind but I won't pay double without getting something for it. Maybe we can start in the $300-$600 range?

I'm mostly looking for a clear, natural and detailed sound that doesn't get distorted with high volume. I'm somewhat flexible in terms of frequency response but I'd prefer a more neutral, versatile headphone in this case. Some extra bass, so long as it's accurate and not boomy, is nice for some extra punch.

My other headphones include the Oppo PM-3, AKG Q701, AKG K371 and ATX M50X. That is probably also the order in which I would rate them, though the AKG K371 can be brilliant for some music and for other music, like Meshuggah's Demiurge, it just sounds grating. So I don't want another can like that.

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