Wireless HiFi Audio with DAC+aptX Bluetooth Amp BTR1 is Available

Discussion in 'FiiO' started by FiiO, Sep 27, 2017.
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  1. infernix
  2. MayorSimpleton
    I just received BTR1 today. I'm still experimenting with Bluetooth so my only other experience is with the Trinity Audio Lanyard, although I backed Bluewave Get and have been looking forward to receiving that.

    BTR1 sounds great with my beloved Shure SE535, much better than plugging directly in to either my iPhone 6 or Macbook Pro. Very impressive. I only ever use the Shures with my portable gear, but they are now getting close in terms of fidelity with my home rig (Senn HD600/tube amp/dedicated Dac and transport/etc). Very smooth and refined, full bass with no bloat, clear highs but with no sibilance to which I am very sensitive. Dark background - makes low level listening a pleasure. It sounds better than the Trinity Audio lanyard, although for me that particular device has far too much gain so achieving balanced listening volumes is not really possible - hard to compare.

    Initially I was worried that the lack of separate controls on the BTR1 for volume and next/prev tracks would be a problem for me - but I'm already accustomed to using the toggle for both behaviours and actually it works very well. Device feels sturdy and well-made - good 'heft' for such a tiny thing. No problems (more than usual) with BT dropouts - although the real test will be on the train into work on Monday! One of the things I'm looking forward to in the Bluewave Get is the analogue volume control - I can never get the perfect listening levels with the iOS volume ladder. BTR1 doesn't have this obviously, but the gain feels about right with the SE535's so I have a goodish range of levels to listen at. As I mentioned - this is a deal-breaker with the Trinity Audio lanyard - which is just too loud.

    Only thing I don't like so far is 'button A' - the on/off/sound effect/call control button. It has a soft response rather than a positive 'click'. I find fast 'double-clicking' difficult on tiny hardware buttons at the best of times - the lack of 'click' on this button makes it even harder.

    BTW the mode only described as 'sound effect' in the manual sounds to me like a crossfade - albeit too strong a crossfade for my liking (I use subtle crossfade sometimes in other applications). Anyone confirm/deny this?

    All-in-all - very pleased with this little thing so far.
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  3. FiiO
    Thanks! Could you please share this review in this post as well(https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/fiio-bluetooth-headphone-amplifier-btr1.22690/ ) Thanks in advanced!

    the Bluetooth connection range and stability is not that great? How far is the collection and maybe stutter would appear?

    Best regards
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  4. 0x6170
    The Bluetooth connection is not bad per-se, but it is not as stable and resilient as some other devices, especially if human body is blocking direct line-of-sight between BTR1 and for example iPhone.

    As I said, if BTR1 is in my front-left jeans pocket and my iPhone is in back-right jeans pocket, I get occasional stutter and Bluetooth connection packet drop. Then I basically have to re-orient BTR1 in order for its antenna to face iPhone direction. I guess BTR1 Bluetooth antenna is not very omni-directional, so it is sensitive to directionality to the source of the Bluetooth transmitter.
  5. ridwan.a.wijaya
    4 years ago,..
    Im really happy with my Sony MW1, Bluetooth receiver, long before Sbh series. And then broke it accidentally..
    Never buy their new SBH again...

    Until today I stumble upon this thread
    You, guys from Fiio. make better replacement device and very tempting alternative.. Well done!
    Will buy this as soon as ready in my country.

    Just one question or suggestions..
    Will you make "lite" version? with smaller size (so I can clip on my shirt and not pull down the shirt)
  6. 0x6170
    Yes, I also struggle to find a good short cable for Shure SE535 and BTR1.

    I am thinking about biting the bullet and ordering one from here:

    Let us know if you find some alternative, because the one above is quite expensive.
  7. tworule
    what is your source? (flac? or streaming? I am thinking using btr1 with tidal hifi but this reviewer says; for iphone btr1 does not connect with aac (instead SBC) which seems not very fast connection.

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