Wireless high-fidelity audio with DAC + aptX Bluetooth amp

FiiO Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier BTR1

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  • 橱窗大图.jpg A great Bluetooth experience starts with the DAC
    The BTR1 uses the high performing AK4376 DAC to perform digital decoding duties. Compared to the typical Bluetooth integrated solution, its decoding capability (up to 384 kHz / 32 bit audio) as well as its output power and signal-to-noise ratio are all noticeably better. All of this ensures a stable, high quality Bluetooth audio experience that will bring you closer to how your music was intended to be heard.

    Unchained from wires to unleash your music
    Have you ever wished that you didn’t need to hold your music player when exercising? Or have you ever worried about answering the phone because both of your hands were busy at the time? With the FiiO BTR1, worry not – you can now truly enjoy the convenience of going wireless without compromises. While ordinary Bluetooth receivers just focus on being small, the BTR1 is also designed to be easy to handle and sound good too within a compact package.

    Simply plug-and-play for high quality Bluetooth sound
    With more and more smartphones starting to discard the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, the only ways to use your old headphones with such smartphones are to either connect them using an adapter cable, an external DAC/amplifier (such as the FiiO Q1 Mark II), or through some kind of Bluetooth receiver. With the BTR1, simply connect your great-sounding 3.5mm headphone to it and instantly get superb sound, even if your smartphone doesn’t have a headphone jack.

    Support for Bluetooth 4.2 and voice calls
    Using a new Bluetooth chip architecture, the BTR1 supports Bluetooth 4.2 with an effective transmission distance of up to 10 meters as well as the SBC, AAC and aptX audio formats. The BTR1 also supports Bluetooth voice calls with its built-in omnidirectional microphone, that captures audio with much higher quality than typically used in phones.
    ※ Microphone is located on the back of the unit

    Compatible with Android and iOS devices, as well as TRS and TRRS CTIA headphones
    Not only is the BTR1 compatible with both iOS and Android devices, it also supports TRS and TRRS CTIA headphones.

    Keep playing and playing
    The built-in rechargeable lithium battery can be fully charged in just 2 hours, and can last more than 8 hours when being used. No need to ever worry if you are going to run out of high-quality sound.

    Be fully in control with clear status indicators
    The blue and red lights on the BTR1 let you know instantly if your unit is on, pairing, under low battery, or charging with a simple glance.

    Strong and compact all-aluminum body
    The BTR1 comes in a sleek aluminum alloy body finished in black, giving robust yet attractive look. Its compact yet stylish package means you can either just put it in your pocket, clip it onto your coat pocket or backpack shoulder strap, or even attach it to your shirt pocket.
    a. Listen to music while easily answering calls
    With the BTR1, not only can you enjoy your music but you can also easily answer any calls
    b、Great sound wherever you go
    Get rid of your cables with the BTR1 and let your music freely go with you
    c、Easily get lost in your music
    After a hard day of work, let the BTR1 take you away to your world of music

    Easy-to-use 3 button design
    On the front of the BTR1 is a single button with which you can: turn on/off the unit, play/pause, pair with another Bluetooth device, answer/hang up the phone, activate EQ, and other commonly-used operations. Located on the side are two volume keys that are designed to be easily felt and used without looking at them.

    Extra features further enhance the experience
    After connecting the BTR1 to iOS devices and some Android devices, you can check how much battery is left in it. For instance, when paired with an iPhone, you can check the amount of battery remaining in the BTR1 under its own special widget.

    Even more convenient ways to use it
    The BTR1 can be used with the specifically short FiiO RC-MMCX1s cable (can be purchased separately) for yet another handy way to enjoy high-quality wireless music.

    Supports two devices at once
    The BTR1 remembers up to two paired devices, giving you more ways to play and listen.
    ※ BTR1 defaults to pairing with the last-used Bluetooth device first

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    "A competent device to pair with quality IEMs"
    Pros - Low noise-floor when connected directly to Shure SE535.

    Simultaneous Bluetooth connection to two devices tries to emulate Apple approach to their Airpods a little bit - I can have BTR1 connected to my iPhone and my iPad at the same time - which is nice.

    You can use the BTR1 when it is being charged and there is no interference from the charging process.

    Sturdy, almost all-metal construction.
    Cons - Sadly, at least for me, the Bluetooth connection range and stability is not that great (probably due to all-metal construction). I hope they improve this in the next iteration of the device.
    Received today my BTR1.

    Ordered on 2017-09-29 from AliExpress and arrived on 2017-10-03. Shipped via DHL, very fast for getting to Europe/Lithuania.

    Photos and one video below.

    First impressions.

    - Physical build quality
    Seems sturdy, most of it feels metal/aluminium. Bottom part, where micro-USB socket is located, is plastic. I guess you must have some plastic in order to be radio transparent for Bluetooth to work. Audio socket feels solid, when plugging in the 3.5mm jack, you feel quite satisfactory connection. No connection issues when plugged-in and wiggling/rotating the 3.5mm plug.

    - User interface
    * You have 3 physical buttons in total:
    ......... One big at the front round centre button, which acts as power on/off, play/pause, some voice call management functions and as audio effect on/off upon double-clicking when the BTR1 is on.
    ......... Two buttons on the side for volume up/down. Volume up buttons also functions as previous track when holding for a couple of seconds. Volume down button also functions as next track when holding down for a couple seconds. Holding both volume up/down buttons when BTR1 is on should reset the BTR1 (presumably).
    * user audio interface:
    you have nice melodies when the BTR1 is powering-up (kinda surround powering up melody when sound is coming at first from left channel, then right channel and then from both). You get audio feedback when connected to some Bluetooth device. You have audio feedback when pressing buttons on the BTR1 itself. Also a nice melody when the unit is powering-down. Melodies are not those standard from cheap Bluetooth receivers. And not too ear-tearing loud - just right. Low-battery audio notification is quite annoying although not too loud.

    - Bluetooth connection
    Since the device is almost all metal, the BT connection stability suffers. The range is not that great. Even having BTR1 in my front-left jeans pocket and my iPhone in back-right jeans pocket, I get an occasional BT connection packet drop. Having BTR1 and iPhone farther away without direct line of sight makes the connection even worse. BTR1 BT connection stability is quite sensitive to the orientation of BTR1 relative to the iPhone and direct line of sight.
    Maybe FiiO representative could tell us the position of the internal Bluetooth antenna, i.e. at which end of the device it is located (either at the micro-USB socket side or 3.5mm socket side).
    Supports simultaneous active Bluetooth connection to two devices: pausing playback on first one and starting playback playback on second one you hear sound from the second one. And vice versa. Neat!

    - Charging
    When the BTR1 is being charged, you can use it for playback. And the charging process does not add any additional distortions to the sound quality (at least I did not notice any).

    - Battery life
    It seems it is according to the specification. Of course, it highly depends on how loud you are listening and what impedance your headphones are.
    Low-battery audio notification comes up at 20%. It is quite annoying although not too loud. I got around 15-20 minutes of listening with Shure SE535 when I got the low-battery warning.

    - Sound quality
    I used BTR1 connected directly to Shure SE535 (with stock Shure cable) and BTR1 connected to iPhone 7 and Spotify 320 kbps tracks.
    Firstly, the volume control from BTR1 buttons controls the volume on the iPhone - there is no independent BTR1/iPhone volume controls.
    Since SE535s are quite low impedance and quite sensitive, I tried the noise-floor test first. And from my first impressions I can tell that the noise-floor, when on the lowest volume setting in a completely silent room, is very very very low, almost not-noticeable. You have some high pitch noise superimposed on the playing sound - the high pitch noise follows the sound signature of the actual playback. On higher volume settings I practically cannot hear the noise. When pausing the playback you can hear for a short moment the noise-floor until the BTR1 output stage is completely turned off.
    Listening to music.
    I don't have much experience with other DACs/AMPs. I can only compare between the direct connection to iPhone (via the measly Lightning-3.5mm adapter) and listening via BTR1. I can tell that the sound quality is improved when listening via BTR1. The direct to iPhone connection now seems a little muffled, like somebody has placed a cover on your music. When listening via BTR1 you feel more openness and music seems more alive. To me it seems a good improvement in sound quality from such a small device.
    The sound effect, when double-pressing the big button, seems to add 3D sound effect. But via IEMs it does not seem to add anything of value to listening experience (at least to me).

    - Usability with iOS:
    You get a battery status indicator near your clock at the top and also a battery indicator in the Widget.
    Disconnecting the audio cable from BTR1 pauses the playback on the iOS device.

    - Summary
    I am happy with the device, especially with the low noise-floor when connected to Shure SE535.
    Simultaneous Bluetooth connection to two devices tries to emulate Apple approach to their Airpods a little bit - I can have BTR1 connected to my iPhone and my iPad at the same time - which is nice.
    Sadly, at least for me, the Bluetooth connection range and stability is not that great (probably due to all-metal construction). I hope they improve this in the next iteration of the device.

    All in all a competent device to pair with quality IEMs.

    Thanks FiiO for a great device.

    Short video:

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