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Wireless earphones/buds with mics

  1. ShadowSkulkerer
    Budget preferred close to $50 but will take recommendations around $100.

    Must be able to take calls from phone and have a quality mic that will not echo/pick up much background noise for use in phone and voip.

    Must be suitable for working out.

    Preferred no connecting wire between earbuds but open to various designs. Most likely in-ear.

    I played around with some unknown brand names bluetooth earbuds off amazon with good reviews (at least at time of purchase) and was justly rewarded for my foolishness with products that (while sounding decent) intermittently lost connectivity in one ear or both when the phone was a couple feet away.

    I'm thinking of comply foam tips as I hear so much good about these but will take recommendations there too. I see their compatibility chart but what if the brand I get isn't on their chart? How do I tell what size to buy?
  2. serman005
    Though I m not personally an expert, from what I hear, inexpensive true wireless IEM technology is not necessarily all the way there yet. I believe your connectivity problems are not uncommon at all. Again, I personally would recommend saving up until you might afford something more reliable. Just my take and YMMV. Good luck.
  3. ShadowSkulkerer
    That makes sense but I am open to different designs. I just need it to be usable for working out and have a decent mic.
  4. ShadowSkulkerer
    No other suggestions? I will take more expensive suggestions but under $200. Open to any type of wireless design (in, on, over ear) as long as it can be used for running.

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