Wired noise-cancelling over ear and TEXTURE!
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Dec 31, 2014
Hey folks,

I currently have a set of Lindy NC 60 noise cancelling, wired headphones, as shown in the image. While the sound quality and noise cancelling are reasonably good, I am unsatisfied with the texture of them. They have a silicon coating, and I dislike this for two reasons: (1) to me, it feels horrible to the touch, and (2) it doesn't last: mine look very scratched up and is wearing off and becoming sticky. I have experienced this with other silicon-coated objects and am baffled as to why it continues to be used!

Anyway, since it's hard to tell from online photos, could you please recommend a pair of wired, noise-cancelling headphones that don't have a silicon coating? Personal experience here is very useful, and I know that there aren't a lot of options! My budget is flexible, but I'm looking to spend around £100. My source is usually my iPod classic or Fiio X5 portable player.

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