Winnipeg meets' thread (Ongoing)
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@Armaegis, thanks for hosting such a wonderful event. To me, it was great to be able to hear so many wonderful gears and setups. To be in a room with various headphone designs, from dynamic drivers to electrostats to magneplanar, each with its unique sound signature, all absolutely fantastic was simply great. And to be able to compare headphones within the same design category each with their own sound highlighting a different design perspective of what aspects of music the headphones ought to highlight was very neat to me. Of course, not to mention the various headphone amplifiers and the Schiit Yggradasil DAC which also highlight different sonic perspectives. And of course, it was great meeting everyone. Thanks for coming out.
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A big thanks to Armaegis for hosting a wonderful event. I was impressed with the turn out and the sheer amount of gear. It was great to see some new faces too. First prize for the coolest piece of kit goes to ri-fi for the vintage cans.

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Oh yeah, that ancient crystal phone headset... "Durophone" I think was it? Not bad at all considering the thing came from the 1920's I think. I had a set of Beyer DT48's that came from around the 50's I think, but the Durophone is seriously cool. There were no such things as suspended voice coils and ultralight diaphragms back then. It was basically slap a magnet on a piece of metal and crank the power to make the metal vibrate; probably just a crude compression driver arrangement.
Oh darn, I forgot to listen to the PM-2s. I remember you talking about the mods and I wanted to hear them.
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crummy cell phone pictures ahead...

A shot of the table the day before. The big red amp is the Wolf Ear Makoyi. The small amp on top of the left stack is the Neurochrome HP-1. These are both on loan and are made in Alberta; if anyone would like to try them out again, let me know and I can lend them out for a couple days.

Moon Neo 430HA and Chord Dave
Oppo PM-2 (modded by Velomane)
a million cables all over the place
note the ipad; we had a couple streaming solutions floating around

The big stax setup on the left powered by a receiver
to the right a miniature Pi server (good luck finding it) plus a vintage Audio Technica Electret (fed via Topping amp)
headphones: AKG Ksomething (272?), Hifiman HE-400i (I think), a couple modded T50rp

Schiit Yggdrasil and Ragnarok stack

really cool vintage headphone from 1920's(?), we'll have to let Ri-Fi tell us more about the lineage

another shot of the Schiit stack, with the Focal Utopia chilling out on the side next to the HD800

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  Damn it's a shame I was busy last weekend, should've checked this a bit earlier. I realize it's a bit early to ask but any idea of when the next meet's gonna be?

No ideas yet. I've added you to my list, so everyone gets a mention as soon as we start planning.
If people would like to meet up again soon, maybe the holidays?
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In case anyone is interested, Hifiman is having a black friday/ cyber monday sale. there are some pretty reasonable discounts, but it didn't say their shipping costs, etc. but still, 200$USD off the 560s and 45% off the 400is aint bad. the v1s are going for just over 2000$USD as well. sale goes until the 28th.
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Those are some nice sale prices (though I think they had a price increase lately, so those sale prices aren't quite as screaming of a deal as they used to be).
By the way guys, I had some much nicer tubes come in for the Makoyi (the big red amp). They are a pretty big improvement over the stock ones I had for the meet, so if anyone's interested in coming over for a listen, let me know. I've also got a friend from the US sending me another amp called the QRV08. It's a fairly complex DIY amp like the Neurochrome, so it should make for an interesting comparison.
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In the case of the amp, it's being disabled and sent up as "not working - for parts only" and I'll fix it when it gets here. It's a loaner anyways, and will go back afterwards.
Any interest in hearing the Makoyi again? You're the only person who picked out the tubes were holding it back.

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