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Why are more people attracted to bass than treble or midrange?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by asdafaasda, Jan 19, 2013.
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  1. Golila3
    I think it's mainly because of the texture and the different ways to interpret the bass. The texture of things like the drum, the cello and even the acoustic guitar(i think) is strongly influenced by how the bass of a headphone interprets it.
    I like treble and mids more than bass, especially mids, but I still love of the LCD-3 because of it's awesome bass texture and clarity.
  2. ScaryFatKidGT
    Because bass impact is awesome
    And because it is what keeps the beat
    And because most people don't actually listen to music and are doing something else at the same time and I think bass is sub consously easier to hear, maybe it has something to do with it not changing as much bassed on distance/ position as mids and highs do.
  3. ScaryFatKidGT
    I think it also has something to do with cheap products not being able to produce a lot off bass and sounding this so when something sounds nice and fully people generally jump on it, where people don't notice high and mid detail as much, as long as they can hear the lyrics they are good (think of all those 128bit MP3's played on subwoofer systems)
    I think id still rather listen to music with every thing 5khz and up cut off than I would with every think below 500hz cut off?
    lol you don't need to be high to like bass impact
    Skullcandy skullcrushers? lol although its horribly undetailed and the mids and highs suck as well.
    lol I wanna bring my dual 13.5" car subs in and try this 40-22hz sweeps lol
  4. bigshot
    5kHz and up is two octaves. 500Hz and down is four octaves and change. 
  5. chewy4
    Haha, I wasn't trying to imply that.
    I'm just sayin' that's the earliest example I know of where a band used excessive amounts of bass in live shows to vibrate the whole audience, and the drugs most likely had a say in their decision to do that given the history of the band.
    Nowadays tons of bands and especially DJs are following that trend. Especially in the livetronica genre, which to be honest is getting a little annoying.
  6. Parall3l
    I've never heard claims of piercing sub-bass before. When played at a loud volume, bass is far more tolerable.
  7. bigshot
    Bass can hit a resonant frequency that makes the walls rattle. I had that problem when I first started EQing. Pretty irritating.
  8. MrViolin
    It's probably because they've never had the chance to listen to clean, smooth, good stuff :)
  9. Strangelove424
    In reality, for fear of damaging the sub, I only did that for 2 or 3 minutes and I think I was using a 30hz tone, not a 20hz tone. I get some weak response from the sub at 20, but 25 is the beginning of usable frequency for me. Just be careful with your equipment.
    But anyway, that's how Dennis the Menace uses a subwoofer... practical jokes aside, and really focusing in on the music, tone and voicing are more important than power and extension. I've had experience with powerful subs that sounded like gorillas thumping their chests. Sure, they could knock the wind out of me, but it sounded ugly. A good subwoofer should be able to render the smoothness of an upright bass, with quick attack and quick decay. You should be able to hear that it was a string being plucked, not just a powerful thump. Subwoofer voicing is just like any other speaker, and they can sound quite different. I like subs that make music, not just bass.   
  10. tninety
    Bass is exactly what the Dr. ordered! [​IMG]
    Seriously the cultural aspect of it... it's popular to have a "booming" car so that's spread to all of audio. It's poison. 
  11. ScaryFatKidGT
    Lol I agree
    well they have a FR to 22hz lol
  12. azynneo

  13. eucariote
    The pleasure of good music does come from the same source as natural and drug rewards.  I think that sheds a little light on why people like loud music, but not necessarily the deep end of it.
  14. Spyro
    Assuming it's bass of relatively good quality, it's what makes an IEM sound more like a headphone than an in ear monitor.  When I wear Etys I know I am wearing an IEM and a simulation of the music.  When I wear my JH13 or 16 it sounds like headphones and sounds like I am there live.  Gotta have the "fullness" of sound to obtain the realism.  That's why Etys are 25 years behind the times.  Most argue about the bass but it's more about the "fullness" of sound and the full soundstage.  Compare an ER4S/P and a UE900 and you will understand in about 5 seconds what I am talking about.
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