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Hot Fire

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Feb 26, 2008
hello all,
i need help with choosing one of the following players.

my main use is for music so i need a quality player.
which one would you suggest to buy from this 4 players that can provide a quality sound and a good price?
{if there is any other player that you can suggest instead, and it is not in the list you can name it[the player has to have at least 60GB]}

thanking you in advance, Snir =]
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will you amp ?

your poll will be in "hot fire" soon (double pun)
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sorry i didn't understand. {English is not my native language}, what is amp?


Originally Posted by Ricardo Dawkins /img/forum/go_quote.gif

your poll will be in "hot fire" soon (double pun)

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sorry i didn't understand. {English is not my native language}, what is amp?


Amplifier ?

I say go with ipod if you are planning on using an Amp. If not, zune probably ? I have not heard the others but Vision M. Didn't like the SQ and sold it.
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Originally Posted by Hot Fire /img/forum/go_quote.gif
{English is not my native language}

mine neither.

will you use a set of portable amps with your DAP or just the headphone port from your DAP directly into your earphones / headphones set ?

if you dont plant to use an amp, get the Zune 80.
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I LOVE my zune, and after owning every single generation, the zune has more of a robust and warm sound, which is why I prefer it to the ipod lineup. The zune does not have a line out, so even if you amp it, it would still be using its internal amp. FWIW, I prefer my zune unamped to my previous rig of the 5.5g to a tomahawk/misterx xp.
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Well the A3 blows them all away in every aspect..only thing is it's big so I wouldn't even put it in the same class as the classic and Zune.

And I wouldn't buy the Classic or the Zune, both have to many disadvantages, I'm hoping and praying Cowon comes out with something to compete with the Classic and Zune...although I'm not holding my breath.
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I don't mined about the size, if the quality is good. and you right, the other players have to many disadvantages. but still this player is very expensive, does this player(the cowon) worth it?
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They sell Line-Out docks for the Zune....a home version, and the volume on the Zune is rendered inoperable,so id imagine its bypassing the amp stage.

Warrior05 of S2 Audio looked at the paperwork on the pin layout for the Zune, and he said it does show a line-out pin and is currently making me a portable 6" dock cable, so ill get to see how it works. My home dock sounds great with it, so i dont know what to tell ya.
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I own a Cowon A2 and an Ipod Classic 160GB.
The Cowon is a superb player. Tons of file support and really good video and audio quality. But i would recommend it if your main usage is audio listening, if you barely watch vids. The A3 is pretty similar to the A2. There are some upgrades of course, but still similar.
If your main need is audio playback only device, get the Classic. If possible the 160GB. If you're not satisfied with the audio quality of the ipod, you can always get an line out dock and connect it to an external amp. The difference is huge ...
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I don't know if this decision has been made already, this thread is a few weeks old, but I'd say the A3 is not very suitable as mainly a music player, the battery life for audio is rated at 9 hours (which means actual usage may be less), that's horrible, given that and its size I say it would be best to pass. Between the other 3 choices (I've owned a Zune 80, Classic & Vision:M), I think the Zune 80 is the best, in my opinion it's easily the best sounding player of the 3.

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