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Which microphone with open headphones?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by xickle, Jan 10, 2014.
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  1. Lagosaurus
    You can't really go wrong with a modmic from AntLion. If you have open cans you'll probably want to go with a unidirectional mic though.
  2. Letmebefrank
    I have a pair of ad900x headphones and I use a AT2020usb mic with a cheap arm and pop filter. The mic sounds absolutely amazing and no one can hear the sound leaking from my headphones, at least nobody has said they can hear it on mumble, vent, or TS while playing FPS games with the sound cranked.
  3. oThatsEric
    +1 for the antlion modmic, plus they go on sale on massdrop occasionally 
  4. 4to15Characters
    I'm looking for a new mic myself. I've been using an RS170 for gaming for quite a while and love it. My Mac's built-in mic also sounds great, but only in OS X. When I BootCamp into Windows 7, the quality drops drastically: The audio is full of hiss and my voice sounds canned.
    I thought it might have something to do with how Windows treats my computer's fans or spins my HDDs differently, so I tried some external mics. First the Blue Snowball, but it was too quiet to pick my voice up from 2.5 feet away. Then the Blue Snowflake, but it sounded identical to the built-in mic.
    So I need a high quality mic that can sit on my desk and pick up my voice from a couple feet away. That or a wireless ModMic if such a thing exists.
  5. Eryk96
    Get an omni directional mod-mid and just stick it on and wrap the cables together :)
  6. Bloos
    blue yeti +1
  7. wthefourth
    I use a unidirectional ModMic 4.0 with HD 598s on the PC, and a V-MODA BoomPro with Custom One Pros or SHP9500s on PS4. Both have worked out really well.
  8. halcyon
    As an ownder of AntLion Modmic, here are my impressions:
    - Don't get the one with Mic mute switch. It breaks easily. My broke in 6 months. I never jerked the cable, the plug was never attached/attached or cable moved around. It just died. The switch is just another extra point of failure and it's really cheeeeep!
    - The quality of ModMic (latest incarnation 2015) is not very good. It picks up typing noises. The sound quality is severely cut off (good for gaming voice, but nowhere near as good as my cheap Logitech neckband headset mic).
    My cheap trick was to buy one of inexpensive Logitech neckband headsets, hang it around my neck and just plug in the mic part. Did the job. You can find similar from other mfgs, even though the logitech model I link to may not be for sale anymore. I can easily wear this for hours and with any sized other headphones, because these lay on  my neck.
    The cheaper and better (sound quality) option for attaching to headsets than AntLion modmic is the Zalman ZM-Mic1. If you place it far enough from your open headphones it hopefully will not pick up the bleed out sound from the cans, but still pick up your voice.
    If you want quality, get the Blue Yeti Pro and switch to hyper-cardioid pattern, place it properly and adjust the gain to suit your needs.
  9. langtuqn2007
    I'd definitely take a look at an affordable external mic like ATR2100 here. But if you decide to go for the modmic, it's decent and I don't think the mic will pick up too much noise from the grills on HE-400. Just keep in mind that you might wanna buy an unidirectional mod mic (omnidirectional will pick up surround sound, not the unidirectional one)
  10. jcddc
    Samson mics have several affordable options.  All, of which, are excellent choices.
  11. as1617947
    What I always use in playing video game, listening to musics and even calling is a logitech headphones. Great headphones ever. 
  12. AAJoe
    Hey guys, I work with ModMic so you know where my vote is going to end up :)
    @halcyon - Hit us up on our contact form to get a replacement. Sounds like a good item for our autopsy team to take a look at. We try to deliver exceptional service and a broken unit in 6 months is unusual, for sure, but we love taking apart broken units to see how we can make the next model better. When you contact us be sure to quote this post and, if you'd like, we can send the muteless version.
    Also, did you have the omni or uni directional? The omni picks up a lot more sound than the uni, which may include keyboard noises if you've got a particularly loud mechanical one (I do, and mine will pick it up if I lean down, but not during normal gameplay.... not unless I am really banging the thing like crazy.) - If you had the omni or aren't sure, be sure to request a uni as a replacement! I believe it will solve the issue.
    We have plans on improving the mute switch in the next version, which I am personally quite excited about. I'm sure we'll have details about that very soon.
    Just a general note to everyone, I am really excited to see both love and critical feedback about the Modmic here! We're a small company and improving our product, getting the word out, and getting feedback are all critical to our success. If you have any praise or problems at all, just drop me a line directly and I will do my best to help!
    Antlion Audio's Director of Marketing
  13. vivi the mage
    Any idea when the new one with a new mute button is coming out? Or if we could trade in for it if we had a 4.0? 
    AAJoe likes this.
  14. AAJoe
    @vivi the mage Short version: We're aiming at having the new 5.0 before the holidays this year. That's not a promise, just our goal. As we get to around summer we'll know for sure if we will hit our deadline.

    We're also looking into some kind of upgrade / loyalty system. We try to avoid a constant "discount" cycle, but we may (again, not set in stone) offer a pre-order discount to past customers. At least it is something I want to do, its more a matter of logistics and how we do it. Suffice to say, the answer here is I hope to provide a way to get our past customers into a shiny new 5.0. Maybe even discount extra base clasps so you can gift your 4.0 to a friend :D
  15. Grom8
    I like the Modmic, though I had to buy a small usb sound card adapter cause due to static pickup caused by electrostatic interference on the motherboard. Otherwise the quality is amazing and so is the pickup, also the bit you stick to headphones to easily take it on and off is really nice. 8/10
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