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Which Headphones Compare to the Superlux HD668B?

  1. Cruelhand Luke
    It does sound like a closed or semi-closed headphone would be your preferred sound...I don't think it ever came up but what price range are you looking for? I have been looking at the Fostex TR series of headphones and they are down to a reasonable $89....
    they started out at $250, but for less than $100, they are on my radar and might be something you should look into.
  2. Prim8NChief
    My budget is probably around $100. I'll look into the Fostex TR series. Got any other closed recommendations? I'm considering the Beyerdynamic 770 Pro and the Audio Technica ATH-Pro 700 MK2.

    EDIT: I looked at the Fostex TR and I think they look ugly IMO. Not too big of a deal because I'll only be wearing them at home with my computer.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2018
  3. Cruelhand Luke
    they look like an old jeep of a headphone...you like it or you don't...I think they might be a hidden gem of a headphone, but I don't have a set as of now
  4. serman005
    ATH-M40X could potentially work.
  5. Prim8NChief
    What do you think of Sony Headphones? I can get the Sony MDR XB950B1 for around $30 on ebay. I think it would be nice to have wireless headphones. Like all the reviews for the XB950 say they have plenty of bass. I'm just worried that I will be disappointed coming from the Superlux HD668b. Like I said before I just can't take the clamp force of the Superlux and from what I've read these Sonys are supposed to be comfortable.
  6. Cruelhand Luke
    My only experience I have with sony headphones is the MDR7506, which are a legendary studio headphone that have been around for like 30 years. I love my set (modded of course) ....I don't know how much the current crop of headphones from Sony would have in common with them.
    I would guess looking at those that they are going to sound very different than the SUperlux...which you may or may not like.

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