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Which Headphones Compare to the Superlux HD668B?

  1. Prim8NChief
    I am thinking about selling my Superlux HD668B headphones because they aren't comfortable for me. The clamp force is just too strong. I even stretch out the headphones periodically by putting them on a box overnight. I replaced the stock pads with Brainwavz Round XL hybrid pads and I am looking for something new that I will take those. All I know of are the AKG K240. Any other solid headphones that take large round ear pads?
  2. Cruelhand Luke
    Philips SHP 9500s...It does everything the 668b does, but better. And those pads are PERFECT for them.
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  3. Prim8NChief
    Thanks for the recommendation. They're over $100 everywhere I look. There are a couple used ones on eBay for cheaper though. Do you think the headphones worth that price? Are there not better headphones that have large round ear pads for $100?
  4. Cruelhand Luke
    You must not be in the US because they are never over $100 here.....the next obvious choice in that price range if you want similar sound, but want something more comfortable is the Superlux HD681...I actually preferred the 681 to the 668b and they were far more comfortable, those are my second choice in that price category.
    I only know prices in the states, so I may not be able to help you much.
  5. Prim8NChief
    I'm in the US. I was looking at Amazon and Newegg and its over $100 at both those places.
  6. Cruelhand Luke
    wow, that's unfortunate...the last time I looked, (maybe 2 days ago?) they were $70...they have been hovering in the $50-$70 range for a long time. I don't know if they are still available but I know someone had a NIB set in the classifieds for $50
    just did a quick search, they might be finally discontinued, it looks like nobody has them available all of a sudden.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2018
  7. Cruelhand Luke
    You might want to look into the Lasmex L85...I don't have it, but others around here have picked up a set and they were compared favorably to the shp9500s, and I am fairly certain the earpads you have will fit because I know people have used HM5 pads on them...that's the only other headphone in that price range that is open backed that I can think of. I can say the headband is identical to several other headphones and it is a very comfortable design.
    EDIT the more I look at the Lasmex, the more I suspect they are an open back version of the Bosshifi/Sivga clones...the headband, drivers and the way the drivers are installed in the cup all look the same, they are just made out of metal/plastic instead of metal and wood.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2018
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  8. Prim8NChief
    Oh okay. That would make sense from what I've seen on the headphones.

    Have you heard of the Massdrop x AKG M220 Pro Headphones ? They look interesting and it seems like the ear pads would fit from their shape.
  9. Cruelhand Luke
    I've seen them, I haven't heard them. I don't know how they compare to the Superluxes that look similar to. The pads will definitely fit those though. They look like a good option.
  10. Cruelhand Luke
    @Prim8NChief ....I've been thinking about these headphones off and on all day. I have looked at them in the past and thought of possibly buying a few times...I can't find a ton of info on them in terms of reviews...but from the little I could find...they seem like a headphone I would like a lot. If I was you, and I couldn't get the SHP 9500s for $60....I might get these. The only thing I don't like about them is the proprietary mini xlr cable. The pads you have will fit, and I am betting they will sound great on them.
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2018
  11. Prim8NChief
    I’ve been looking at those and the Audio Technica ATH-AD500x. Not sure if my pads would fit on the AT but I wouldn’t be too disappointed if they didn’t cause apparantly the stock ones are good.

    I think I’m actually steering away from the m220s because from what I’ve learned they have a flat sound signature. I’d like to have something more dynamic, v-shaped, and bassy if possible. The superlux I have aren’t as bassy as I’d like them to be either.
  12. Cruelhand Luke
    Oh, well, let me tell you, if you like the sound signature of the superlux, but want more bass you should get the SHP 9500s......oh, wait....
    Unfortunately, the best in this class is what I originally suggested ....
    I don't know about the ATH-AD500x...I think I stopped looking at that line of headphones when I got the 9500s...I'm sure they aren't V shaped...they are more open than your current Superlux....
    you want semi closed or closed headphones.
  13. Cruelhand Luke
    I really think you should look at the Lasmex...I have a different version of that headphone...those drivers, in that particular housing actually provide some really good bass. For whatever reason, that set-up digs fairly deep and is pretty detailed as well...it's good at making bass. I think you are looking for something with a little bit of openness like the Superlux, but with some heft...Lasmex with Hybrid pads might do the trick...
  14. Prim8NChief
    I was checking out some of the threads on the Lasmex. I found out the diameter of the ear cup is 100 mm on the headphones. The ear pads I have are 110 mm. I can even tell a difference in the size of the Superlux and the Lasmex through the video reviews. So, I don't think they would fit.

    I'll stay on the look out for the SHP 9500s. Thanks for the tip on staying away from open headphones. I haven't decided on a winner yet. Still browsing my options.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2018
  15. Prim8NChief
    I just pulled out my Sennheiser HD205s that I used to DJ way back in the day. They sound pretty good. I like the sound a lot. Bassy and clear. My two complaints are that they are on ear instead of over ear and that the clamp force is insane. The feeling of them pressing on my ears bothers me. But if I can find this sound in over ear headphones I would definitely be happy. Does this mean I should be looking for closed headphones?

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