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Where to buy IEM's in Hungary, Budapest?

  1. Andynor91
    The title says it all.

    I've pretty much google'd so hard that my fingers are numb, and still I can't seem to find any shops selling anything other than IE8's and X10's. 
    I'm looking for the UM3X and so far no luck. My only way it seems is to import them which adds up to a brutal price tag of about 420$ total.
    If anyone knows any shops or web shops in this country, it would be very much appreciated!


    EDIT; I figured it was best to post it here since I can't make threads in the selling forum yet, sorry if its in the wrong place.
  2. Andynor91
    Seems like earphonesolutions got a 20% coupon going and it's possible to get the UM3X's for a nice price. Problem though is that they don't deliver to Hungary. Any web shops that are international authorized resellers that deliver to Hungary?
  3. yello131
    I advice contacting Dimitris at Musica Acoustics
    He is shipping worldwide and prices are very reasonable compared to european shops.
    I dont recall seeing UM3x at his shop but he got earsonics Sm3, great alternative to Westones
  4. Andynor91
    Thanks for the info Yello, I'll check it out.

    Also, I found a place here that sells the IE8's for 250$ so I'm considering buying them. I guess that's an okay price? However, I also heard that some IE80's are coming out so is it better to wait for them instead? 
  5. yello131
    IE8 for 250? That sounds fishy. Original IE8 cost over $300US in USA
    be aware of fakes. There is a thread people talking how to distinguish real ones from fakes. 
  6. AstralStorm
    $250 is only slightly below the typical EU price for Senn IE8 actually. They are more expensive in the US due to S&H and duties.
    If you're interested, there are a few decent shops in Poland with the lesser known IEMs and headphones too - the ones that have the webpages are: mp3store.pl, djshop.pl, audiomagic.pl and sonusmobile.pl. (in order of personal preference)
    You can get almost anything from EU for about the same price - look for shops e.g. in Germany too. However, for a hands-on listen, I can't help - haven't been in Hungary that long.

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