where can i get liquid tin online?
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Jan 4, 2005
couldn't find them on digikey and mouser doesnt stock them. my local electronics store may have them but they are always overpriced. does anybody knows which online store carries them? thanks
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Parts Express also carries the Tinnit. Haven't tried it (yet), but from a previous thread regarding tinning home etched boards, conformal coating was also suggested. Online at Mouser the stuff was ~$20 a bottle, so I didn't go that route either. However in a recent trip thru Fry's, they had some of the MG or GC conformal coatings (can't remember which brand) for a reasonable price ($5-$6), and actually had all 3 flavors in stock (unlike many/most of their other stuff), so I will probably try that if I do any more boards in the future.
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i'd prefer liquid tin to concentrate. liquid tin can be recycled...i doubt you could do that with the concentrate stuff
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You'll have to tell me what "liquid tin" is.

The tinnit 'concentrate' is just anhydrous acid tin salts.

My presumption is that the 'liquid tin' is acid tins salts in solution. Am i wrong?

So, how would one be more recyclable than the other?
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i believe so. they are premixed solution, possibly liquid metal. you pour them out...soak the board in it for a couple of mins and it will evenly tin the whole board and u can then pour back the solution and reuse it later.
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You can do the same thing with Datak "tinnit". You just have to supply your own water, and possibly a vessel to store it in.
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search "electroless tin"

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