What's the best Video DAP
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The A2 30GB is now $306.99 with no tax/free shipping at newegg. Very tempting.

Apple is driving down price which is good. I doubt they will ever let it record video though. PMP only not PVR.

I agree that converting can be a hassle and take long. It can be faster to record straight to the device and use the computer for other things.

A smaller, lighter A2 with a 3.6" screen and 40GB, 30hr MP3/10hr Video battery life and an AM/FM tuner is my dream device. Almost there but I doubt there will ever be one with an AM tuner in it.
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Originally Posted by ChicagoNB
Besides carrying around a giant 60G Ipod are there any other small video daps out there that have good sound and sight. I think watching Star Wars on my Nano might make me go blind. Also one that works well as a DAP and not just for vidoe.

All opinions welcomed.


"Giant" 60GB iPod? Mine's not giant. It's relatively small and elegant, given its capabilities.

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