What's the best amp for HD800
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I can vouch for the Violectric V200, although any other ever-so-slightly warm amp should do the job too. A neutral amp will probable cause ear fatigue because the HD800s are a tad bright for me (and to most people).
Also, do you have a DAC yet? Or are you going for an amp first?
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I can assure you the Phonitor and the Stratus 2A3 are great options for this can.

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ive heard nothing but good things about DNA Stratus with HD 800. supposed to be as good as it gets.
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Best I have heard is the Eddie Current Super 7. Normally I think of the HD800 as too bright & analytical, but the ECS7 takes care of that really nicely.

The Super 7 is my favorite amp for the HD800 so far... I've also owned WA2, WA6SE, Liquid Fire, V200 and others. The others were all fantastic as well and there's not a bad choice in the list.
S7 is not a "romantic" amp in nature, though you could probably get there with the right tube.
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I realize you already have a DAC, but if you would be interested in getting the best DAC/amp combo available, check out the Resonessence Invicta. Yes, it's pricey ($4000) but considering that you have both a world class DAC and amp together in one unit, it's really an incredible value. And it sounds amazingly good with the HD800 (others have commented on this too). I've had my Invicta for a long time, and continue to appreciate it everyday. The company strives to make their products as immune to obsolescence as possible by providing software updates that allow such goodies as differential (balanced) headphone drive, DSD playback via the SD card (which itself is amazing), etc.
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My preference for the hd800 would be the DNA Stratus,Taboo Mk111,CSP2,V200 in that order. The Stratus with the EML Tubes  brought the total cost to $3350.00 but it really was the best I have heard the hD800 sound. The Taboo Mk111  is excellent as well and half the price. The CSP2 is excellent for under 1K and the V200 is my solid state choice. I heard the Bryston at the NY meet and did not care for the presentation.  All are excellent choices and will all come down to what your budget call for or how  much more you want from your system. I am sure there are also other excellent contenders as well.
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I would add a few more amps to that list:

Cavalli Liquid Fire
DNA Stratus
Eddie Current BA / ZDSE
HeadAmp GS-X MK II

I had the Liquid Fire and really liked it, my vote however would be for the GS-X. For a tube amp option, the  Stratus looks like a real winner.

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