What's that idiot castleofargh always talking about a DAP hissing? I can't hear a thing!
Sep 9, 2015 at 9:15 PM Post #16 of 16
  the 1/8 rule is kind of an all in one thing. not specifically for signal quality, but also for power efficiency, and to make sure you limit frequency variations when the IEM/headphone doesn't have a flat impedance response over frequencies.
 but yeah it's really never a bad idea to follow it. I didn't get to hear the X3II but the first X3 was also a model of clean output. didn't sound really neutral IMO but the background really impressed me at the time.

Yeah I'm planning to get an Audio GD NFB-11.32 as a dedicated desktop DAC/amp.  I'm also planning to get the Trinity Delta IEM's for when I need maximum isolation.  The Deltas have an impedance of 16ohm, while the NFB-11.32 has output of 2ohms, so they should just BARELY be okay to use together.  If I end up getting any hiss on the Deltas or anything ilke that from the NFB-11, I'll just keep using my X3ii as a DAC but only when using the IEM's.

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