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What's next? (what to buy after re0's)

  1. LJH01
    So, I may have a problem, a few weeks ago I bought my first set of IEM's and decided on the re0's after reading all the glowing reviews.  I am now really intrigued by these little sound makers and wanting to try out some higher end products (that is the problem).  So I am super impressed by the accuracy and speed of the re0's, they seem to fit me well and over all VERY happy with them especially after trying out the E1 amp with them. After spending a bit of time with the Klipsh S4's, that I bought for my wife, I find them a bit muddy all around but I do like the quantity of bass but maybe not the quality.  So the question is, what is the next step after the re0's?  I have read way too many posts that say a competitor for the re0's is hard to find without spending big money....I think I am ready to spend more money so what would you suggest in the $200-$300+ range.  Just so you guys know i am using them with a Iphone4 and the Fiio E1 amp.

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