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what would be better? Sony MDR EX-60 or Creative EP-630?

  1. clyhk
    I'm a korean boy that torn between MDR-EX60 and EP-630
    I've been used MDR-Ex50 before and that satisfied me
    but I lost it..
    so I searched a good quality per price In-ear monitors..
    and I narrowed two models that ex60 and ep-630
    there are some quastions between two models..
    (actually that models are best selling monitors in korea)
    First. what's the difference between  Creative EP-630 and EP-650-crome
    I can't found difference  between that two models..
    Two. what's the difference between Sony Mdr-ex50 and ex60?
    actually mdr-ex50 had tend to burying high-pitched tone...
    so i hope to know that problem has reformed..
    Three.. the final and most improtant and the keypoint of this quastion..
    What would be better between MDR EX60 VS EP-630
    I'm a just high school student so I have no much money to buy sennheiser or Bose..
    so please recommend me more suitable model..
    (PS: I listen almost all kinds of music and I prefer Bass sounds..)
  2. clyhk
    and I'm sorry about my English is not enough... I hope you understand what i said as well..
  3. suman134
    if you can get meelectronics m9 it will be awesome for you , you can see some philips she 9620 or likes .
  4. asyrafsani
    okay firstly look at the specs Mdr-ex50 has frequency range 5-23,000 and ex60? 6-23,000 so the mdr-ex50 has better bass and the high pitched note problem can be solve after one night of burn in im recommended this cuz i just bought it. the first impression it's like i wanna throw that to trash but after a few hours of burn in it's starting to get better and better than all my iem that i have so im pretty recommended and the mdr-ex50 is more comfortable(very very comfortable) than ex60

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