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What smartphone screen size do you prefer?

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  1. mr56k
    Just got a new HTC Desire 816. Huge jump in screen size (5.5"). After adjusting to the large display I don't think I'd ever wanna go smaller. Pretty much don't have a need to use my small (7")tablet anymore. Browsing, YouTube and Netflix are great on this larger display in my opinion.

    What's your smartphone and screen size choice?
  2. Spareribs
    Good question. I love big screens but right now my phone is the iphone 5. Yes I wish it was bigger but I do like the smallness for easily slipping into my pocket and the smallness for web browsing in a low key way in public. So the small screen has advantages for me.

    But there are times when a big screen is very nice and preferable. I don't have a big desire for a big screen now since I now have the mini iPad which is also wonderful to take with me. It's really great for traveling and I plan on using it on the airplane later this week.
  3. Coq de Combat
    I used to think like that about my Note II; that I'd never want to go smaller again. After a while though, I got more and more irritated by the huge size of it and how difficult one handed operation was. I also came to realize that the size never gave me a comfortable grip, and that I looked super silly holding a phablet to my ear when talking on the phone. Also, there are barely any gains in terms of screen real estate compared to smaller phones -- the small gains there are become negligable when you can't skim through your screen in one shot, something that is very possible with smaller screens.
    Then I got myself an iPhone. I could never be happier about the screen size. I can use it comfortably with one hand, I can hold it comfortably and securely, I can touch most parts of the screen without compromising my secure grip -- again, with one hand.
    After this, perhaps bizarre change in phones, I'd rather never go back to 5+ inches. It's just too big. Get a tablet if you want one.
  4. mr56k
    Yea. For the longest time I've always owned a small tablet (Nexus 7/ iPad Mini) and a smartphone. I was intrigued by possibly having one device but still a large enough display. I think the 5.5 - 6" range has accomplished that. Sure it's not as easy to carry but it still fits in my jeans,dress pants etc.I know have one device that so far is working great as my tablet and phone.
  5. Coq de Combat
    I can see why you like it if you like the idea of having both gadgets in one.
    Personally I don't think a phablet could replace a tablet for me. I like my tablets at around 10" sizes because I get a very computer like experience. The size is incredibly comfortable; small enough to use with one hand without flailing wildly, yet big enough to convey so much information. I probably wouldn't want to use such a big phablet (10") as a phone though. [​IMG] 
  6. mr56k
    lol @ 10" phone. Crazy to think there are phones at six inches and over now(Lumia 1520, LG G Flex etc). I can easily hold my 5.5" with one hand but not so sure I could with those larger models.

  7. billybob_jcv
    I need a phone to *first* be a phone. That's what drives me crazy about all the phablets - they make lousy phones. I miss the days of the original Moto Razr. I would rather have the Razr for all voice comms and then have a device with a 5-5.5" screen for everything else.

  8. Kliesen
    My current smartphone has a 4.5" screen. I can reach the other edge of the screen with my thumb when holding it with one had just barely. I guess I could work with a 5" screen but not with anything beyond that. Screens have been getting bigger and bigger each year. I wonder if manufacturers will finally stop at 5.5". Anything past that just seems really inconvenient to me.
  9. alv4426
     I hate larger phones. Ive always been an Iphone guy but I recently switched to a Sony Xperia Z1 Compact which is pretty great and is not that big (barely bigger than an Iphone). Android has come a long way since my GS3 experiment which made me hate android and go back to Iphone after a year.
  10. mr56k

    4.3". Yea iPhone 4 only had a 3.5"which is definitely too small for me . iPhone 5 / 5S were 4" displays. You try out the water ressilance at all lol? If mine was I'd be scared but definitely wanna try it. Be fun for snorkeling at the beach.
  11. alv4426
    I tried it the first day I got it but just under a running faucet, I would not fully submerge it. Build quality is good so I wouldn't doubt that it should work but Im not about to try, Ill let the guys on youtube do it [​IMG]. So far its a great phone that really should be released in the US so that more people could get it easier over here.
  12. Tangster
    For a touchscreen, I think 4.3" to 5" is ideal, because that's the max size I can cover at least 80-90% of the screen with just my thumb and it fits comfortably in my plam(as opposed to a phablet, where I would be grasping one edge or precariously balancing it).
    As for a tablet, I have a Nexus 7, which is currently relegated to a glorified e-reader. When I upgrade tablet(in the next few months I expect, the Nexus 7 is getting old) I expect to be looking very strongly at more ultrabook-tablet crossover territory, such as the Surface pro 2/3, Dell Venue 11 Pro and the Lenovo Miix 2 or Yoga 2.
  13. yapoyo
    I use an LG G2 with a 5.2 inch screen and it's perfect. Even the galaxy note lineup feels good to me.
  14. balderon Contributor
  15. AxelCloris Administrator
    I prefer phones under 4.5" diagonally. Unfortunately it seems that small phones are going the way of the Dodo. The smallest phones with high-end specs seem to start at 4.7" and go up from there.
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