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What smartphone screen size do you prefer?

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  1. kaixax555
    I think 5.5 inch is the max I would go
  2. kcdkjqqr
    I have a moto x dev edition, the screen size is 4.7, but I'd love to go bigger (galaxy note sized).
  3. mr56k
          New Moto X 2nd gen has a 5.2" display. That phone is looking really nice! 
  4. oqvist
    Yes that is kind of the sweetspot. You can actually read text and get anything out of video with it without being to big so it don´t get into pockets or is a handful to use.
    I just ordered my first tablet just for fun. I think it will be a failure next to my notebooks but will work for secondary screens for my flight, simracing at least. Sure if it´s only good for that I should have gotten the cheapest once available no Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition on a 40 % off sale or something like that :p. It´s still some 350$ or so over here so not exactly dirt cheap :)
  5. Claritas
    Overall size, not screen size, is what matters to me--especially that it not be too wide in my hand.

    My favorite so far was Nexus 4 (134 x 69). I can go up to a G2 (139 x 71), but prefer something smaller than Nexus 5 (138 x 69). So really a width of 70 or less--case included--is ideal.

    I was hoping iPhone 6 (138 x 67) would be smaller than Nexus 5, but it's too close in size with a smaller screen to switch.
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